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EagleBet Partners Up With Bet365

bet365 sportsbook

We are delighted to be able to tell you, dear reader, that we have struck a major new betting partnership with the globe’s biggest and arguably best sports betting site – Bet365. This is great news for our customers.

Why You Should Sign-Up At Bet365

Because of its size, the sportsbook can offer the most competitive betting odds out there. As sports betting fans we find it about the easiest, smoothest sportsbook to use currently on the market. Well, it is the most popular site on the planet for a reason. You will be able to get all the Bet365 betting bonuses and, for all the top Bundesliga and Premier League action, all the profitable markets, odds boosts and promotions.

This partnership demonstrates what we, inside the Eagle’s lair, already knew – that EagleBet is flying, and now it has Bet365 on the wing. We are on course to become one of the biggest affiliate sites in its core markets, including Germany, the UK, Finland and Austria.

Wherever you live in Europe, or the wider world, this partnership with Bet365 makes the Eagle’s nest your home for the leading online sports betting, slots and live casino sites.

Why Did Bet365 Choose EagleBet To Partner Up With?

There are loads of affiliate sites out there, but a lot of them are two men (it is normally blokes) sitting in a grotty room in their underpants. We, by contrast, are a large, professional team based in offices across Europe, using our expertise and years of experience to find you the best online betting sites with the best welcome bonuses and the best odds.

The operator isn’t taking on many new affiliate partnerships. That it is prepared to partner with us just shows why so many European punters visit EagleBet before placing a bet. Without Bet365 you cannot, honestly, claim to be the gateway to the world’s best sports books – because they are the world’s best sports betting site. We are delighted to have such a partner flying with EagleBet on its latest adventure.

Bet 365 Exclusive Bonus Offers

We will use our partnership with the online sports betting platform to give you all the top betting bonuses it is offering. Because of its global dominance, Bet365 is able to offer among the very most competitive odds currently available on the market. We intend to make sure you, our customers, benefit from them.

For those of you who don’t know (is there anyone still out there?), the rise of the gambling operator is one of the really remarkable stories of modern business.


Bet365 Background

Denise Coates and her brother John took over a very small chain of old school bookmakers dotted around Stoke, a town in England famous for its pottery, but – if we are being very honest, and no offence intended to anyone from Stoke – not a lot else.

Around the time of the millennium Denise, the current CEO of Bet365, decided to turn this small family business into an online sports betting site – hard to believe now, but this was a big, bright idea 21 short years ago – she was still working out of a tiny portable office.

Now, anyone who has placed a bet around the globe has probably heard of Bet365. And now they are a trusted partner of EagleBet.

The Best Online Sportsbook

But our only loyalty remains to you, our customer, not to any particular online bookie. We are entirely independent, so will continue to promote our partnerships with other giants of the sports betting world, including William Hill and Mr Green, reviewed and listed as some of our top betting sites.

Get The Best Bonuses From The Best Bookies

There are a couple of other major partnerships we will be in a position to announce shortly with other big sports betting sites. One thing is for sure: you will not be short of choice on EagleBet, and we want to help you land the biggest welcome bonuses and the best odds.

And we don’t just recommend the big boys like Bet365. That would be too easy. We delve deeper, to find some really good and competitive small operators out there who we believe we can confidently recommend to you.

But we know sports bettors in countries such as Germany, the UK, Austria and Finland expect only top class sites. We will only recommend the best betting sites we find and trust.

Widest Choice of Online Sports Books

Every day we are looking to add new partners for EagleBet, providing the best options with the best bonus offers and free bets deals that we have often negotiated exclusively with operators on behalf of you, the customer.

Unbiased Sportsbook Reviews & Trusted Operators Only

We currently have more operators applying to appear on our betting sites lists and bonus tables than we have time to review – because we will never recommend a site we haven’t investigated fully.

We bet on sports sites ourselves. We know what we look for. And therefore we know what to recommend.

It has to offer a generous welcome offer, fantastic odds (of course), top class customer service, and a range of payment options wider than the Brandenburg Gate.

It might sound a silly thing to mention, but believe us, it’s a constant struggle with some operators: getting your cash in and your cash out quickly. The ease with which you can do that on Bet365 is one of the main reasons it is such a popular site today, and one of the main reasons we recommend it.

You might already have an account with Bet365. If not, get one now. Always keep in mind our motto EagleBet – Soar With Winners.

Play responsibly, 18+


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