1. How to create an account

Click on then click the Join now button. In the pop up please enter the following details:

  • Name, address, date of birth and contact details
  • The username you wish to use, a password and a deposit limit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The username you choose can’t be changed once you successfully registered. If you do need to change other details, please contact customer service.

You will be asked to confirm that you are at least 18 years old and that you have read and understood the privacy policy and the general terms and conditions.

2. Forgotten Password

Click on and then click the login button on the top right hand side of the page. A pop up will appear showing a “forgot password” link. A couple of questions will need to be answered, such as the email address that was used at registration and date of birth. Once answered, click “continue” and an email will be sent to the email address that has been entered, provided that this email was the same email used at registration. If the email address has been changed please contact customer services. The email will contain your username and a link to click to help you reset your password. The new password that is being created will need the following:

  • Between 8-20 characters
  • Uppercase letter (A-Z)
  • Lowercase letter (a-z)
  • A number (0-9)
  • Special Character (&,£,%,! etc)
3. Forgotten login information and email address

If you have forgotten your user information, please contact support through our live chat, or alternatively please send an email to [email protected] containing as much information about your account as possible.

4. Forgot password tool does not work

This can be caused by an error, but make sure the following has been completed:

  • The email is the same address that was used in the registration process
  • The date of birth is in the correct format

If you believe the information entered is correct and have not received an email, check your spam/junk folder in your email account. If you have not received the email, please contact customer support.

5. What can I do in my account?

Once logged into your account, you will be able to enjoy playing our large variety of games and bet on sports. You will be able to:

  • Deposit money into your account
  • Withdraw money from your account
  • Place bets on sporting events
  • Enjoy live casino games
  • Upload documents for verification
  • Check all your transaction histories, be that sorts or casino
  • Check your balances either real or bonus
  • Check open sport bets
  • Check personal information and update telephone number
  • Change your password
  • Change odds style
  • Take advantage of our newest bonuses and promotions
6. Username

The username cannot be changed once it has been chosen during the registration process. It is also not possible to open another account in your name as policy dictates that it is only one account per customer. Players who have multiple accounts will not be granted bonuses and the duplicate accounts will be closed.

7. Change Currency

EURO (€) is the only available currency and cannot be changed.

8. Change personal information

Apart from your contact number, your personal information can only be changed by customer support. If you believe that any of your personal information is incorrect or out of date, please contact [email protected]

9. Account Protection

It is very important to make sure your account is secure and safe. Ensure that you:

  • Never share your username and or password
  • Always set a very strong password, that is only used on this site and change it regularly
  • Make sure you log out of the site after every session
  • Never save your username and password on the device you are using
  • Try never to use a public computer, as these can store your details.
10. Complaint process

In the very unlikely scenario that your expectations have not been met, please feel free to register a complaint. Please do so by emailing [email protected] including your username and a full description of the issues that you are experiencing and title the email “complaint”. Screenshots and any documentation will help speed up this process. At this stage the complaint will be handled directly by EagleBet management, with a full response provided within 20 working days.


1. Methods of Deposit

There are many ways that deposits can be made these include:

Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Maestro, Sofort, Giropay, MuchBetter, Paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller (not supported in Germany), Ecopayz or Trustly. Please note that Trustly is not available during the period from 25.02. - 29.02.

Please look at our cashier page for more details

2. How deposits are made

You will need to be logged into your account on the website to be able to make the deposit.

Your balance is displayed in the top right of the page after you have logged in. Clicking ‘Deposit’ will take you through to the deposit page where you can add funds and provide required payment details such as card number expiry date etc.

3. Minimum and Maximum Deposit

Please look at our cashier page for more details about the limits.

4. Additional information

Credit cards, Trustly, Skrill, Neteller (not supported in Germany), Paysafecard and EcoPayz, MuchBetter can be used for both deposits and withdrawals

Sofort and Giropay only for deposits

5. Successful Deposits

Deposits on the site are promptly dealt with. Therefore, the balance in your account will be updated immediately once the transaction has gone through.

6. Deposit fees

We will not make any commission on any payments. Some providers may charge a currency exchange commission or a transfer commission if you use a method that is not in EURO (€).

7. Deposit with a method not registered to player If the account is not registered with you, you will need a declaration of consent from the legitimate account holder in order to make a deposit. In this case, in addition to a signed declaration of consent for the transaction (s) that have been made, we may ask for additional information such as their identification documents.

8. Rejected deposits

This could be for several reasons, including reaching your deposit limit for your account, the details that have been entered are incorrect or there might not be enough funds in the account that is being used to deposit. Please check your payment method for sufficient funds.

9. Deposit in error

If you believe you have made a deposit in error, please contact [email protected]

10. Using more than one deposit method

More than one deposit method can be used to deposit into your account as long as the accounts are all registered in your name.


1. Account opening

Click on then click the Join Now button. In the pop up please enter the following details:

  • Name, address, date of birth and contact details
  • The username you wish to use, a password and a deposit limit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The username and currency that are chosen at the registration cannot be changed. Some details that have been entered can only be changed by [email protected]

Confirmation will be asked that the terms and conditions have been read and understood as well as privacy policy, responsible gaming and the betting rules.

2. Why do I have to provide personal information?

You are required, as a licensing condition to bet on all reputable online gaming sites, to provide certain details and may be asked to provide further proof of identity to complete the registration process. All personal data is kept securely and has strict safeguards to protect it.

3. Cannot open account

Check that you are registering an account that is not listed in our excluded territories on our terms and conditions page. Only one account is allowed per person.

4. More than one account

You are only allowed one account per person. Any additional accounts will be closed immediately. Any additional funds in secondary accounts may not be returned.

5. Placing bets before opening account

This cannot be done. You need to register an account before placing any bets or claiming any bonuses.

Source of Funds

1. Why do EagleBet need to know the source of funds?

We are required under our licencing conditions and other regulations to ensure that we satisfy ourselves with the source of funds being deposited through our website.

2. Why are documents required?

Documentation is required so we can verify that the person playing is the person who they say they are. This is for your protection. If documentation is not provided when asked for the account will be suspended.

3. What source of funds documents can be used?

We may request to know additional information on the source of the funds deposited and ask for suitable documentation as proof. These could include a recent pay slip, bank statement, or other proof of income. These will be regarded as strictly confidential and will be in accordance with all applicable customer data protection legislation.

4. Sending Documents

Log into your account on the site

Go to “My Account” on the top right corner of the page and navigate to “Documents upload”

Choose which type of document is being uploaded passport, ID etc

Click the “Choose File” button and navigate to where you have the document stored on your device and then follow the instruction given.

If any problems are encountered while uploading documents, please contact EagleBet Support

Technical Help

1. Technical issue

If you are experiencing any technical issues, please provide as much of this information as you can to help us identify any potential problems. We may ask for any of the following:

  • A brief explanation of the problem that has occurred
  • Any Error messages displayed
  • Time of issue
  • Any Screen shots of the issue
  • The device that is being used
  • Operating system
  • Connection type
  • Browser

Once you have all this information forward it to [email protected]


1. Process

Verification or ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) is a process that all customers are required to complete. This enables us to comply with our licence, including ensuring that we only accept players that are of age to play (18+).

2. What documentation is required

The most commonly accepted documents include:

  • Valid Driving Licence
  • Valid Photo ID Passport
  • Utility Bill (dated within three months)
  • Bank Statement (dated within three months)

We may ask for additional documents, for example proof of your payment of a particular method, a picture of you with your identification document ("selfie") and periodically the source of funds which can be proven with a salary statement, income tax return, etc.

3. Accepted Format of Documents

All documents that are required must be valid at the time of sending, in colour, legible, unedited and complete to show the whole document. Acceptable formats include JPG, PNG and PDF.

4. How are documents sent

Documents can be uploaded in the "Document Upload" which can be accessed by clicking on your name in the top right corner.


1. Your first withdrawal at

Your first withdraw at" : Please note that while we will still be honoring all our withdrawal requests, we will be unable to process any new withdrawals while the transition is underway. Please take in mind that if you haven't made a deposit after the transition is completed, and you wish to withdraw your current balance - you have to request it via bank transfer.

2. How to Withdraw

You must be logged into your account. Go to “My Account” section and then choose “Withdraw”. Once in the withdrawal page it will show you the methods that are available for you to withdraw with.

Select your preferred method and choose the amount you want to withdraw and personal details that are asked for by each individual withdrawal method. This will now go into a state of “pending” and will be reviewed and, once verified, processed to the account of your choosing.

Note any additional or outstanding KYC documentation will be required to complete the withdrawal. Failure to provide will cause a delay to your withdrawal.

All withdrawals will be processed back to the method that the deposit was made (except for Sofort and Giropay), for instance the credit cards used for a deposit will be the same one that the withdrawal is sent to.

3. Information needed for Withdrawal

Credit cards information required: Amount to withdraw and Card number

Skrill information required: Amount to withdraw and Skrill account details either number or email address

Rapid Transfer Information required: Amount to withdraw and Skrill Email address

Ecopayz Information required: Amount to withdraw and Ecopayz Account

Fast Bank Transfer Information required: Amount to withdraw, Bank Name, Swift/BIC and IBAN

Trustly Information required: Amount to withdraw and bank details

Paysafecard Information Required: Amount to withdraw and Paysafecard details

For more information about withdrawals please look at Payment methods

4. Minimum Amount Withdrawn

The minimum that can be withdrawn is 20 Euros.

5. Maximum Amount Withdrawn

The maximum that can be withdrawn is 10,000 Euros in one month.

6. How long does it take?

All withdrawals take between 1 and 3 banking days once all documentation has been verified.

7. Free Bets

Free bets cannot be withdrawn and can only be used to place bets.


1. Can I bet on casino or live casino?

The casino is currently not offered to our customers from Austria, but we are working hard on a solution and hope that the situation will change shortly. If you are from other countries in which we operate, please come in and play in our glamorous casino.


1. Betting

What is the minimum and maximum stake?

The minimum stake is 10 cents. The maximum depends on which sport and types of bet are being used to bet with.

2. Betting Rules

Betting rules can be found here

3. Bet was not accepted

This happens when the stake is below the minimum stake or above the maximum stake.

4. Settling of bets

Bets are normally settled within minutes of the result being published. Bets on tournaments eg the football World Cup, Wimbledon Championships etc are settled at the end of the tournament or once the result is published.

5. My bet won but it has been settled as lost

If you think your bet has been settled with the incorrect outcome, confirm the result then check in the betting rules to certify that the bet should be settled as you believe a win. Once you can confirm this contac [email protected] with documentation of the result in question, screenshots are very useful to speed the process along.

6. Cancelled bets

Bets can be cancelled or voided according to betting rules of the sport in question or with the general betting rules. If this has happened contact [email protected] with the Bet Reference.

7. Can a bet be cancelled after it is placed?

Once the bet has been placed it cannot be cancelled.

8. Betting History

Every bet placed on your account is available to be viewed in the “My Account” section on the top right corner of the page under “My Sports Account -> bet history” category.