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How To Bet On Goals

How to bet on goals

This football betting guide will help you on how to bet on the goals market. Written by professional tipsters just for you.

Goals: Over/Under: Intro

The Goals Market is one of the most famous betting modalities in the world, it is very popular in football and exists in several sports.

This type of bet does not refer to which team will win, but how many goals will be scored.

You can bet that a match will have Over 2.5 goals or Under 2.5 goals. Check out the chart to understand better:

Over 2.5                           Under 2.5


This guide is intended to be used as a group of tips to improve your Goals Market betting results.

Over/Under Basics

Let’s see in practice how the Goals Market works:

We have lines of 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and even higher, depending on the technical difference between the teams and the expected goals for the match.

Bookmakers also offer Over/Under 1, 2, 3 or +. In this modality, there is no “half” goal, let’s understand why in the example below:

Over/Under Line

Bayer LeverkusenO 3.0 – @1.91
AtalantaU 3.0 – @1.99

Betting Over 3.0, if the game ends with 4 or more goals your bet is a winner, as you bet that the game will have more than 3 goals.

If the bet is Under 3.0, the game must end with 2 or fewer goals. If the game ends with exactly 3 goals, your bet is returned.

That is, in Over/Under of whole numbers like 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc., you can have the stake returned, if the game ends with the exact amount of goals on the bet line.

In some cases, we have two types of lines in a single bet, they are the Mixed Over/Under. When the goal line is presented with two options separated by a slash, half of the stake will be placed on each one. Let’s go to the example:

Over/Under Line

Man. UnitedO 2.0/2.5 – @2.00
Atletico MadridU 2.0/2.5 – @1.90

On this UCL match for example, if you bet 100 Euros on Over 2.0/2.5, half of that amount will go to Over 2.0 and the other half to Over 2.5.

If the game ends with 3 goals, you win your bet in full. If the game ends with exactly 2 goals, you lose half of your bet and the other half is returned. If the game ends with 1 goal or less, you lose your entire bet.

EagleBet betting tips specialists always emphasize the importance of managing your bankroll and calculating the amount to be bet on each coupon, according to the risk margin of the guess.

Now that you know how to bet on the goal market, check our betting offers and place your bets

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