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NFL 21/22 Betting Odds & Predictions

NFL 2021 betting guide

Kansas City Chiefs & Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the favourites to win Super Bowl LVI, with Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady to watch. Read EagleBet’s NFL ultimate guide for all the best betting tips for this season!

NFL 2021 Season Betting Guide

The 2021 NFL season is about to return to the sports calendar, which will mean there are a number of top opportunities that will be available for punters to try and turn a profit from when making their American football betting tips and predictions.

2021 NFL Bets To Look Out For

There are a number of different National Football League betting markets that are available to place a wager on, although EagleBet readers would be best advised to check out some of the most popular ones in order to have the best betting experiences.

Betting On NFL Match Winner

Betting on the outcome of the match is perhaps the best market for American Football, with bettors being tasked to pick out the winner of the match. A draw is incredibly rare in the NFL, so only two options really exist. Furthermore, the match winner bet also includes if the game goes to overtime; something that football, for instance, does not. sportsbook welcome offer


Handicap NFL Betting Market Is Popular

However, EagleBet readers looking for a different market that involves the winner of the game can include the highly popular Handicap Betting market. This bet will see the odds essentially be balanced, as there are traditionally a number of points scored in the National Football League.

As part of this NFL betting guide, here is an explanation of how a Handicap bet works:

If New York Giants are 1.30 to win against Dallas Cowboys who are 3.50, a handicap bet of +10.5 could be placed on Dallas. This means if Dallas were to lose by lower than 10 points, the NFL bet would still be won if the Cowboys were chosen!

Bet On ‘Over/Under’ Betting Market

Another top market to place wagers on is the ‘Over/Under’ market, with the number of points scored being key to the outcome of a game. This works just in the same way as goals scored in a football match, although the numbers are typically higher. For instance, a ‘Over/Under’ for one NFL game could be ‘Over/Under 37.5’, whilst another could be ‘Over/Under 28.5’.

This market is one of the best markets our NFL Betting Guide experts can suggest, as the profits that can be made when the outcome is predicted correctly can be rather rewarding. Furthermore, it is perhaps one of the easiest tips to make, as well.

2021 NFL Best Player Outright Betting Markets

There are a number of tips and predictions that can be made regarding players, with NFL betting markets including the scorer of the first touchdown, who will score the highest points in the game, as well as many other technical aspects of playing American Football, such as sacks, turnovers and interceptions.

Outright bets can include placing a betting prediction on who will be crowned the MVP and which team will win the Super Bowl. These are the two main markets and the main ones to which our EagleBet NFL betting guide experts would suggest backing.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Predictions For NFL 2021

Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Super Bowl LV in February 2021 and the Florida-based franchise are one of the main outright betting favourites to win this year’s American Football competition. Of course, quarterback Tom Brady is one to watch, as he has been the most successful player in the history of the NFL.

NFL 2021 Betting Tips For Kansas City Chiefs

However, last year’s runners-up, Kansas City Chiefs, are also expected to be amongst the main betting favourites as they look to recapture their title from two years ago. Patrick Mahomes is their quarterback and is arguably the most exciting player currently in the league, which is why he is one to watch when NFL betting.

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