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Basketball Betting Tips & Guides

Basketball, which can sometimes be referred to as hoops, is one of the most popular basketball teams sports to be played across the whole wide world, whether it be in the United States, or across Europe and Asia.

The sport features as one of the best that is played and continues to attract a number of different bettors from around the world, as many look to get involved with the action that the competition continues to provide them with when it appears on the schedule in various parts of the world. You can find top sports betting tips here, and know the most important aspects of the different leagues, teams and players.

History Of Basketball

Before you start betting, get to know the game. Basketball was invented in 1891 by a Canadian-American gym teacher called James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts, the United States, and it has continued to evolve into one of the world’s most popular and widely watched sports.

Betting In Different Leagues With EagleBet

There are a number of different tournaments involved with the competition to start betting, such as the National Basketball Association – which is commonly known as the NBA – In the United States, as well as European leagues such as the Bundesliga Germany and the KBL (Korean Basketball League) in South Korea.

Basketball is not just designed to be a men’s sport as there are also a number of women’s competitions that take place over the world, with the WNBA, and the EuroLeague women’s divisions, all of which feature some of the best basketball female players that have ever graced the court. You can even bet on the NBA or WNBA with some of the top betting sites that Eaglebet has reviewed.

Know The Basketball General Rules Before Betting

Before you start betting, get to know the rules of basketball. There are a number of different rules to the sport of basketball although many will follow the same systems and formats that have been adopted, which have all made the game as successful as it is today.

The objective of the game is to simply out score the other opponents score by throwing the ball through the opponent’s basket, while preventing the opponent from doing so in their own hoop.

Three Point Score Bets

A successful shot is worth either two points or three points depending on where the shot is taken. A three points score is provided to those that shoot from a greater distance on the court.

The basket is set at 23 feet and nine inches high, although this can be adjusted in different leagues across the world.

If you watch match statistics live in the bookies betting pages, you will notice while betting that matches are generally played across four quarters of 10 or 12 minutes, although this will be dependent on the competition that is being played. There is the possibility of each match being able to see an overtime period, which is usually five minutes in length, should they be required.

Basketball teams will swap halfs at the half-time interval, therefore, being able to have two quarters at each basket and essentially providing each time with the fairness of being able to score points at each basket on two different occasions and, therefore, keeping things as competitive and fair as possible throughout contests that take place. You can live-bet, so you can start betting in the beginning or in the middle of the match.

Basketball Players And Uniforms

Five players from each team may be on the court at any one time and substitutions are unlimited but can only do so when the play has been stopped. This is important to know if you want to start betting on players.

A standard uniform of a pair of shorts and a jersey with a clearly visible number, unique with the team will be printed on both at the front and back of the jersey. Basketball players will wear high top trainers that provide them with extra ankle support because of the movements that they make when dribbling, and throwing the basketball.

Typically basketball teams will have their names and their players’ names on the front and back of the basketball jerseys, as well as sponsors.

How To Place Your First Bet On Basketball With EagleBet

It is incredibly simple to place a bet on a basketball match or competition, with a number of different markets available that make the sport as popular with sports betting enthusiasts as it is with viewers who have watched casually, or support a team that they follow passionately.

Players looking to start betting on the basketball action for the very first time should look at a the best sportsbook websites and a number of markets including things such as the total score, the number of points scored within a quarter, or even individuals that are involved as some of the most famous players who have ever played in each of the competitions can provide some of the most competitive odds that are available. Check EagleBet for top betting bonuses.

The aforementioned betting options should strongly be considered while betting, as these opportunities provide bettors with some of the best markets and odds that are available for sports betting.

Furthermore, there are a host of different in play bets (live betting), and pre-match betting that can be placed, as well as outrights and those that allow for sports betting enthusiasts to predict the outcome of certain fixtures, or leagues, whenever possible. Start betting with EagleBet today.

Popular Leagues, Teams And Basketball Players To Bet On

There are a number of popular teams and players to have ever been formed in the sport of basketball, although many of them have perhaps come out of the NBA in the United States of America because of the popularity that particular competition has.

Basketball teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, the Chicago Bulls, the Boston Celtics and perhaps even the Golden State Warriors are also one of the most popular basketball teams to have ever existed in the sport of basketball, and the ones that normally get more attention in Sportsbooks.

Furthermore, some of the biggest basketball stars to have ever featured in the sport have also featured from the NBA, with players such as LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant having all been stars for various different franchises. Start placing your NBA wages in our sportsbook today.

Why Betting On Basketball Became So Popular?

The sport of basketball continues to provide sports betting enthusiasts with some of the best betting tips online, with many of the tournaments having caught the attention of worldwide audiences because of their highly competitive nature. You can find guides for them all at EagleBet.

Indeed, with the reputations of some legendary basketball clubs and players all around the world, the appeal of the sport has continued to see it go from strength to strength and only further enhance the betting potential that bettors have when looking at the sport.

Betting On Basketball

Despite the fact that our sports betting tips and bonuses website continues to provide their members with some of the best and competitive betting predictions available for basketball betting, we provide members with some exceptional user-friendly features that are mobile friendly.

EagleBet is incredibly handy for those sports betting enthusiasts looking to further enhance their live viewing experiences by being able to bet from their smartphone devices with ease.

If sports betting enthusiasts are looking to score their own 3 points, then they will need to ensure that they are using our top site for all of their betting requirements!

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