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The EuroCup Basketball competition is an annual tournament that takes place between some of the best European basketball clubs in the continent. Due to its competitive nature, EagleBet continue to be able to provide some of the best betting tips possible to visitors, with many of them making our site as their number one destination.

Know European Basket Cup History Before You Place Your First Bet

The EuroCup competition was founded in 2000 and despite having undergone a couple of revamps, the basketball competition has been able to become what it is today, which is incredibly fierce and competitive.

How To Start Betting On EuroCup

There is a regular basketball season, which features 24 teams with each of them being entered into that stage automatically. Each Eurocup team will play two games, one home and one away against each other team in the group, with the best 16 at the end of the regular season will be entered into the top 16 phase of the tournament.

These Eurocup teams will then be split into four groups with the same format being adopted. The group winners will qualify for the next stage of the EuroCup basketball competition, which is known as the playoffs. Each of the playoff series are played over a best of three series with each of the winners advancing to the next round of the sports competition until they reach the finals.

The Sports Tournament Popularity

With this format in place, it is clear to see why the EuroCup Basketball competition is as popular as ever, with sports bettors from around the world, as there will be many betting opportunities on the action, especially when using EagleBet list of the top sports betting sites.

European Cup Of Basketball Teams And Players To Bet On

As a result of how the EuroCup is scheduled, 16 of the best teams continue to battle it out over the course of a season to be crowned the European Basketball Champions. Spain’s Valencia Basket have been crowned the overall winners on numerous occasions, although Spain have had a vast number of winners and runners ups throughout the competition’s existence.

As EagleBet analysed, with the teams involved, there are a number of top basketball players who regularly compete in EuroCup season, which continues to further highlight why so many sports betting fans continue to look for the best odds and most competitive markets available by a sportsbook.

Eurocup Betting Odds

We list all of those top sports betting pages that punters look to use when betting on the EuroCup season as we provide EagleBet visitors with the best betting sites holding great odds and the most competitive betting markets available.

Our list of the top online sportsbooks will make you able to take advantage of a diverse range of different betting markets. For example, live in-play betting features a number of different opportunities to bet that bettors can take advantage of whilst there are also a number of sports betting markets that are dedicated to the outcome of the matchups that take place in the EuroCup Basketball tournament.

Why EagleBet?

As well as EagleBet being able to provide and continually offer the most competitive betting tips today and great bonus offers, our site continues to be one of the most popular destinations for all sports bettors.

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