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eSports Betting

Electronic Sports has boomed with the advancements in technology in recent years, with many of the best games and gamers have emerged on the scene as well to help make this sport one of the biggest and best to be participated in around the world.

EagleBet have recognised just how popular eSports have become for sports betting enthusiasts as well, with our sports betting specialists making sure we have partnerships with bookies who provide bettors with some of the best betting odds and markets that they can find anywhere to help further their electronic sports gambling experiences.

The Rise Of eSports Betting

This gambling market has continued to increase in popularity and soar as a result of the accessibility it now has to those who like to place wagers on the action that unfolds when using a sportsbook such as EagleBet trusted online bookmakers. Ever since it became a recognised sporting event, betting on eSports has continued to grip many bettors with what it offers.

Many had initially doubted that eSports betting would become as mainstream as it has today, although a young growing audience has made it so incredibly popular throughout its short existence, with many turning to pro gaming betting as a different way to enhance their online gambling experiences further and in a rather different way compared to many other traditional betting sports, especially when they can watch some of the best video games being played competitively.

History Of eSports

Despite the advancement of technology only having really existed in the last couple of decades, the idea that this virtual sport has only been around for that short period of time would only be wrong.

eSports competitions can be found dating all the way back to 1972, when the first alleged competition took place in America at Stanford University. Players were competing against each other with the game SpaceWar.

However, Space Raiders from Taito arguably popularised the eSports scene when it was released in 1978, as players continued to compete against each other to try and continually obtain the highest score within the game.

The 1990s saw the videogame market boom, which in turn led to the increase in eSports once again, with games such as Street Fighter II proving incredibly popular amongst video gaming fans, whilst Nintendo also produced a number of top eSports competitions that saw players from all around the world that would go on to compete against each other.

Indeed, with the advancements of technology and the gaming systems now available, it is hardly a surprise that the eSports betting market has gone on to be completely different to what it once was, however sports betting enthusiasts are able to get in with the best of the action when they head to some of the best online sportsbook for all of their eSports betting needs.

Popular Games To Bet On

There are a number of different tournaments and events that take place within the professional video gaming discipline, with each providing a number of great betting opportunities for bettors all over the place.

Some of the top games to be continually played by eSports competitors from all over the world include titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros. Melee, StarCraft II and Overwatch.

Indeed, each of the eSports games mentioned above have continued to grow in popularity, with almost anyone able to play them on their own casual experiences, although those looking to bet on the action will see some of the very best playing these games in tournaments that feature the best individuals from different corners of the world.

How To Bet On eSports?

Betting on electronic sports is easily accomplished when using a top online sportsbook, with the platform providing those looking to make the most of the online action being played out in front of them with some great features.

For instance, EagleBet continues to provide some of the most competitive tips and betting guides available within eSports, as they work hard around the clock to give their members the very best user experiences possible.

Multiple eSports Betting Markets To Choose From

With a large number of betting markets available, those who are looking to join an online sportsbook for all of their online eSports gambling needs will find that they have plenty to choose from, which can sometimes make their online betting experiences a lot better than they initially thought it could be.

Indeed, regardless of what eSports competition is going ahead, bettors will be able to bet across a number of different markets that are available – including those that can accessed when live betting on the sporting event – whilst also ensuring that they receive some of the most competitive odds to be available from EagleBet betting partners.

Pro Gamers And eSports Events

Professional gamers, or “pro gamers” as they are often called, are often associated with gaming teams and/or broader gaming associations with teams like FaZe Clan, 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses, Team SoloMid, Cloud9, Fnatic, Counter Logic Gaming, T1, G2 eSports, Team Envy, and Natus Vincere all consisting of some of the best players that participate in the eSports scene.

These teams often cover multiple pro gaming titles within tournaments and leagues, with various team makeups for each game, however they may also represent single players for one-on-one eSports games like fighting games.

There are also a number of different tournaments and competitions during an eSports season where you can keep betting, whilst league formats can also be adopted which will see teams be crowned champions, promoted or even relegated – just like they would in more traditional sporting disciplines.

Therefore, with so many different competitive outcomes, competitions and players all featuring within the pro gaming sphere, it should come as no surprise why the eSports betting market has become as big as it has.

Why Bet On Electronic Sports With EagleBet Bonuses?

We are the premier destination for video game sports bettors for a wide array of different sports, with the eSports betting markets just one of the major reasons as to why so many choose our website for all of their eSports betting tips.

Indeed, our sports betting platform continues to provide electronic sports bettors with some of the most competitive odds and markets when possible, and they do this by striving to provide the best experiences whenever they can.

Furthermore, just as many eSports already offer, the user experience that can be experienced when using our partners’ online sportsbooks is of the highest quality. Bettors will want to be able to make bets in a timely and effective manner, which is something that can be accomplished with these sportsbooks from a smartphone, tablet or a traditional computer.

So, if you want to avoid the ‘Game Over’ screen with your betting experiences, then simply joining EagleBet should be the only place to continue that betting adventure and stop losing lives!

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