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Handball Betting

Before placing your bets with EagleBet trusted online bookmakers get to know more about the sport.

Handball is one of the most popular and fast-rising competitive sports available in the world. Indeed, it has significant popularity in Europe, as well as places such as East Asia, North Africa, and several parts of South America.

EagleBet provides punters with some of the best partnerships when it comes to list the greatest sportsbooks to have the best odds and markets available for sports betting enthusiasts who are interested in finding some of the most competitive options available for them to bet.

Indeed, the sport of handball has proven to be rather popular with betting fans over the years, so now should be the time to join them, otherwise, those that are not already enjoying the services to have been provided will continue to miss out on some of the best to be found anywhere.

Handball’s History By EagleBet

The International Handball Federation, which is also known as the IHF, was formed in 1946 and features over 190 different member federation’s, thus highlighting just how popular the sport of handball has become over the years. You can bet in different teams and leagues on our listed sportsbooks.

Handball General Rules And Format

Handball matches are contested between two teams of seven players with six players out on the court and one goalkeeper. Players attempt to score points by putting the handball into the opposing team’s goal.

As the name suggests, hands are used, and players are not allowed to touch the ball with their feet, except for the goalkeeper, although they can only use their feet whilst they are within their goal area. While betting on handball, you can bet on a variety of different possibilities.

When players have the ball, they are allowed to dribble, or they can take up to three steps for up to three seconds at a time without dribbling. No attacking or defending players are allowed to touch the floor of the goal area, which is six metres within the goal.

Handball’s Rules On Passing And Shooting

Knowing the rules is a must if you want to start betting and winning. A shot or pass in the goal area is valid if completed before touching the floor. However, goalkeepers are not allowed to cross the boundary with the ball in the hand, but can come out when trying to make a save. The ball may not be passed back to the goalkeeper when they are positioned within the goal area.

As mentioned, each team consists of seven players on the court while seven substitute players are allowed to be used on the court by one player.

One of these players must be a goalkeeper and they will usually be identified by a different colour shirt. Substitutions can be done in any number and at any time during the game.

The size of the ball can depend on the competitors’ play in the handball game with the ball being slightly heavier for males over the age of 16.

How To Bet On Handball?

Betting on handball could not be any simpler, as our partners provide sports betting enthusiasts with a number of the best odds and competitive markets available.

When using their services to further enhance their online betting experiences with EagleBet betting bonuses, betting fans who are looking to place bets on a fixture, or a handball tournament that may take place for the very first time are able to find that a number of different markets with things that, such as the overall winner of a fixture or tournament.

The number of goals scored, or even the correct result at the end of the first half, being all possible handball betting opportunities available to bettors.

The best sports betting sites listed by our sports gurus, provide a number of diverse markets that make it incredibly easy to start betting on the handball competition that takes place, including such bets that can be used during handball matches. These are commonly known as in-play or live betting markets and sports betting enthusiasts are able to place a number of these when using our resources.

Popular Handball Teams To Bet On

As you will notice, there have been a number of top handball teams are featured within the competitions that are hosted with many of these have been able to win titles Algerian handball team GS Petroliers and Spanish club FC Barcelona are perhaps two of the most famous and biggest teams who have featured within the handball competitions that they play in, as each of them have been able to win numerous handball titles over the years.

However, as EagleBet team analysed, despite their dominance, there have been other teams such as Zamalek SC from Egypt, and THW Kiel from Germany, who have also managed to win a plethora of different tournaments over recent years.

Betting On Handball

As mentioned, handball is one of the world’s most popular sports to have ever existed and it continues to grow, as many countries appear to adopt the sport as one of their own.

Furthermore, as EagleBet sports betting specialists analysed, sports betting enthusiasts who look to try and find ways to further enhance their handball online betting experiences have turned to the handball game, as it has proven to be incredibly competitive over the years, and continues to provide punters with a number of great opportunities to try and turn a profit when betting.

EagleBet partners are some of the best sportsbooks online in which sports betting enthusiasts are able to place bets online in regards to the handball competitions available as the sportsbooks provide them with some of the best odds and markets, regardless of what sports competitions are being played.

Top Mobile Betting And Sportsbook Customer Support

Furthermore, we only partner up with bookmakers who strive to provide their bettors with the best betting services on the internet via a mobile device.

Also, mobile devices are incredibly important these days in regards to online betting and they provide players with the power to be able to bet on the live action that takes place. The simplicity and ease that sports betting enthusiasts continue to look for.

Therefore, if you want to be able to score a goal like those do in a handball game, then why not head over to EagleBet best betting sites page now to further enhance the patient experience that can be had.

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