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Volleyball Betting

It might not be the most popular team sport in the world, however volleyball is still one that provides plenty of competitive action and attracts millions of betting fans each and every year it is played.

Indeed, many bettors head to places such as EagleBet to enhance their Volleyball betting experiences to try and get the best betting bonus available to them when looking to bet on the competitive volleyball action that takes place in numerous countries around the world.

History Of Volleyball

EagleBet team found that the sport of volleyball originated in Massachusetts, the United States when William G. Morgan created a new game and a pastime to be played indoors, and by any number of players.

The game took some of its characteristics from other sports such as tennis and handball, however, it has since been formed into its own sport that provides betting members with a huge amount of competitiveness.

The sport of volleyball became incredibly popular and it became a sport that would consistently feature at the Olympics, with many countries having put out a team to compete.

Volleyball Is A Top Choice For Olympic Games Betting

In addition to the Olympics, the sport has continued to garner attraction from a number of sports enthusiasts around the world because of the rise it has had throughout history. There have been a number of top leagues to have been formed available at EagleBet, with many of them having turned professional, whilst some of the volleyball clubs to have been created have gone on to dominate the sport for significant periods of time.

Volleyball Rules You Need To Learn Before Betting

There are some rules attached to volleyball, however, there are quite a few common rules that can be found. For example, a player on one team will begin the rally by serving the ball with their hand or arm from behind the back of the boundary line of the court, over the net and into the receiving team’s court.

The receiving team of the ball must not let the volleyball be grounded, otherwise they will lose the point. In order to stop this from happening, players are only allowed to touch the ball up to three times on their team. These are some basic rules any sports betting fan can understand.

However, individual players may only touch the ball twice consecutively. The rally will continue until either team can end it by either managing to ground the volleyball in the opponent’s section of the court, or when a team hits a foul, i.e hits the ball into the net.

Volleyball Scoring System

For betting purposes, the scoring system comes in different forms, being some of the more common methods: a point is scored when the ball hits the floor within the court’s boundaries, as well as when it lands outside the boundaries that have been set.

The team that won the point will then serve for the next point, but if they lose that round, the other team will simply win the ball back and look to try and earn their own points. This means a game can go on for a while, however sports betting fans will not mind that as it means they will be able to pick up a number of betting opportunities to take advantage of.

Betting On Volleyball

Like many others around, the sport provides volleyball bettors with a number of opportunities for successful betting on our trusted sports betting sites.

EagleBet has partnered up with some of the best bookmakers in which you are able to do that. These sportsbooks provide sports betting enthusiasts looking to get involved with volleyball action a number of diverse and different markets available, therefore, providing them with an incredible amount of opportunities.

Things such as the total number of points to be scored is an example of a volleyball betting market that is able to see punters place a bet on whilst also the overall winners of such fixtures and competitions that are played within the sport are available to place wagers on as well.

Volleyball International Teams To Bet On

For EagleBet sports specialists, this is an incredibly competitive sport worth betting on as there are a number of top volleyball teams to have featured within the competition over the years. Teams include the likes of Brazil, who have consistently had one of the best teams in both the men’s and women’s versions of the world volleyball competitions which makes them favourites in any outrights..

Furthermore, the United States have always been ranked extremely highly, as have Italy with each of the aforementioned national teams having been able to claim a number of accolades and huge titles throughout their respective volleyball histories.

Domestically, the game is played amongst a number of different teams from a variety of countries that are based within leagues, such as those in Turkey and Finland, as well as Germany with each of the countries providing some of the most competitive leagues, the game currently has to offer and where you can bet with EagleBet partners.

Betting On The Best Volleyball Clubs

Teams to have been successful at volleyball at club level include the likes of Egyptian pair Al Ahly and Zamalek, whilst Qatar’s Al Arabi, Mladost Zagreb from Croatia and Russia’s CSKA Moscow have all had successful performances throughout the various volleyball competitions history.

Indeed, these leagues continue to provide some of the best volleyball players who have ever taken part in the game, therefore, providing sports betting enthusiasts with some of the best opportunities to bet on.

Betting On Volleyball Competitions

Many have already used our sports betting bonuses for all of their gambling online needs. Plus they have come to realise, we continue to provide a list with the best and most competitive bookies to have profitable odds and markets available within the sport.

With those looking to spike their way to victory with the volleyball betting opportunities that have been made available, they should look to join them as soon as possible, as they will also be able to enjoy one of the best user experiences available when using their mobile device for betting on the current action that is taking place.

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