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What Sportsbooks Offer German Payment Methods?

German Payment Methods for sportsbooks

With PayPal the most used online payment method in Germany, EagleBet’s approved sportsbooks each provide users with the chance to use the incredibly secure payment option available. Check out all the information below!

Always Check The Deposit Gateways Offered First

Finding the right online sportsbook is always of high importance and one way that German bettors are able to do this successfully is by finding out what payment methods and banking options are made available by the gambling operator before signing up with them, especially if there are German payment methods.

Indeed, there will be nothing more infuriating for those looking forward to sports betting online with some of the most exciting action possible than signing up and then finding out that the preferred payment method is not available or that there is not an option that suits them.

By checking out beforehand, though, any potential negative experience or time wasted can be eliminated within a matter of minutes, with most sportsbook operators displaying the accepted deposit and withdrawal methods at the bottom of each web page.

What To Look Out For Regarding Sportsbooks Payment Methods

Of course, when looking for the sportsbook with the best payment options available, bettors will want to look at various factors and whether they suit all of their financial requirements. Factors such as safe withdrawals, safe deposits, financial security and the quickest payouts will always be among the most important, although there will always be plenty more to consider, as well.

Thankfully, all of our sportsbook partners – such as Bet365 or Mr Green- all allow for the best German payment methods and banking options possible, plus you can find the best betting bonus here to boost your odds on these sportsbooks.

PayPal Is The Most Popular Payment Method For German Internet Users

According to data that has been researched, it has been revealed that the most popular payment method for German consumers, including those that like to get involved with sports betting, is PayPal for all of their financial transactions. It has been found that 52% of all internet users will use the e-wallet service, whilst just 12% will use a debit or credit card.

Fastest Deposit Method

PayPal allows for instant deposits that are safe and do not typically cost a fee when being made, whilst also providing one of the quickest payouts possible.

Other payment methods EagleBet users may find available at sportsbooks include other e-wallets, such as Paysafecard, Klarna, Trustly, Neteller and Skrill.

EcoPayz is another top e-wallet that can be used at a number of EagleBet approved online gambling platforms that provides the quickest payouts, the ability to make instant safe deposits, as well, whilst other sports betting fans are able to use payment gateways such as VISA and MasterCard if they choose to use a debit/credit card.

Banking options can also include Bank Wire Transfer and Fast BankTransfer for those who would like to see the money leave their account directly, although these will not typically provide users with instant deposits or instant withdrawals but they can be incredibly secure payment methods available.


There is a reason as to why PayPal is the most used payment method for German sportsbook users and that is because they provide one of the quickest deposits and one of the quickest payouts when used. It is important to check the terms and conditions from each sportsbook, though, as they can differ.

PayPal Ranking (of 10): 9


EcoPayz is another top payment method typically available to bettors in Germany, although this works in a different way to PayPal as it is a pre-paid method. This could arguably be considered safer as this will only allow users to spend what they have in the account and not go over their balance, unlike other options.

Like PayPal, it provides users with a secure payment method and one that allows for instant deposits and one of the quickest payouts around.

EcoPayz Ranking: 8


Found around the world, VISA and MasterCard are widely accepted by all major sportsbooks, although this particular payment method might not be best suited to German bettors. As mentioned earlier, only 12% of internet users will use this type of payment method, therefore it may not always be accessible or, at the very least, preferred.

Furthermore, it is not always the best in regards to the quickest payouts, as it can take days at times, but this option does provide users with instant, safe deposits and safe withdrawals.

VISA/MasterCard Ranking: 6

Bank Transfer

Perhaps slightly old-fashioned in the modern financial era, banking options such as a Bank Transfer can still be provided by sportsbooks, although they are one of the slowest payment methods around. Whilst depositing funds and withdrawing them are secure and safe, they are far from instant and can take a while to be processed.

Bank Transfer Ranking: 5

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