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When to Bet on Both Teams Score

When to bet on both teams score

Considering that every football team’s primary aim is to score more goals than their rivals, it’s only natural that a wager on whether both of them can achieve this goal exists. Both teams to score is one of the most thrilling football betting available, and while it may be offered on online betting sites under various titles (BTTS, Goal-No Goal, and Goal/Goal), its essence stays the same. Keep reading this BTTS betting guide to know when to bet on both teams to score.

BTTS Betting – Why

The BTTS market provides the opportunity to investigate and analyze statistics for individuals who take a systematic approach to betting. With so much data accessible across all major leagues in football betting sites, finding match-ups between clubs with high payout percentages in this market is relatively simple.

An important betting tip to remember is that, some clubs have a more excellent BTTS % at home, while others have a higher BTTS percentage away. Moreover, certain leagues have higher strike rates than others. It’s not difficult to keep up with the hottest options in this market. And there’s a lot of money to be made if you can locate two well-matched teams at the correct price, and use some great betting tips provided by experts.

How Does a Bet on Both Teams to Score Work

The criteria are simple: in football betting, both sides must score at least one goal to win a BTTS bet, making every result from 1-1 and above a winning bet. Of course, you may consider betting on the polar opposite (the “no goal” option), which needs both or one of the sides to score during the play. If you are prepared to spend some time examining detailed statistics and following the appropriate betting tips and method, these bets may be pretty fun and rewarding.

Punters enjoy a modest edge over regular 3-way betting, similar to other special football bets (over/under, etc.). Because there are just two alternatives (“Yes” or “No”), the theoretical possibilities of winning improve to 50% instead of 33.33% when predicting a match-winner. When it comes to live football betting, this market is trendy, as the odds grow and fall in real-time based on the match’s facts.

A goal may drastically shift the course of a football match as coaches swap players and turn to a more offensive tactic to score a much-needed equalizer. When just one of the two teams has managed to score, the “Both Teams to Score” bet allows bettors to take advantage of such circumstances to earn good odds.

How to Place a Bet on Both Teams to Score

In every BTTS betting guide you will come across, you will find this rule: While betting, instead of concentrating on who has the best victory record, look at the goals for and against records while assessing form. When betting on Both Clubs to Score, look for teams who score many goals yet have porous defenses, especially if they are facing comparable attack-minded opponents.

Norwich City, for instance, scored 85 goals and conceded 69 goals in 46 Championship games during the 2016/17 season. They also projected a 63 percent chance of both teams scoring. Fulham scored 85 goals, conceded 57, and had a BTTS percentage of 65%.

As a result, there was an ideal possibility that they would both score when they faced each other. When they met, it was a banker, with the first match ending 2-2 and the second meeting resulting in a 3-1 Fulham victory. Every football betting guide advises on taking such statistical consideration when betting on BTTS.

Top BTTS betting guides and football experts, will recommend this: When seeking value in this market, aim for elite clubs playing away against inferior opponents that are likely to score goals at home. Tottenham had a 47 percent overall BTTS rate last season but a 58 percent BTTS percentage in away games. Hull City had failed to score in 42% of their games overall but had a 63 percent BTTS percentage at home. Many bookies offered high odds on both teams scoring when they played at Hull on the last day of the season, and it was a wager that paid off handsomely when Tottenham triumphed 7-1. With the right betting tips, and checking statistics like this, you can win huge amounts.

Different Variations of Both Teams to Score Bets

In football betting, a standard Both Teams to Score bet entails simply betting “yes” or “no” on whether both teams will score. There are various versions of this, the most common of which are:

BTTS & Result

In football betting, this means you choose a BTTS bet and a prediction for the match’s outcome. There are usually six alternatives accessible to you here when you are thinking of betting on this market. Yes & Home Win, Yes & Away Win, Yes & Draw, No & Home Win, No & Away Win, and No & Draw are the options available. Naturally, this is more difficult to anticipate and has more risk of losing than a standard BTTS bet, but the chances are better.

BTTS & Over/Under

In football betting, this bet combines a Both Teams to Score wager with a bet on the number of goals scored in the match. This is typically set at 2.5 by most sportsbooks. So, you will need both teams to score, but you’ll also need the total number of goals to be either under or above the stated number.

BTTS in Both Halves

This is a very tough market betting on, but if you want to back “yes,”, and have betting tips that work for you, the chances are excellent. In practice, this implies that in a match, both sides must score a goal in the first half and again in the second half. While betting on a winner may be challenging, you may be rewarded handsomely if you are successful. The majority of bets in this football betting market have odds of 9/1 to 50/1.

5 Things to Keep an Eye On

To obtain value bets on this market, you must examine several data before betting. Below are some.

Match Tactics

Every betting guide will confirm this: A 4-3-3 formation is indicative of an attacking squad, but a 5-4-1 formation is more conservative. Experts advice considering this while considering football betting

Team News

You could come across some match-defining details when analyzing potential betting teams, such as a side using an additional goalkeeper, having key defensive absences, or a top scorer sitting on the bench. In football betting, this is a key factor to consider.

Home/Away Performances

When playing in front of their fans, teams usually act differently than when playing as guests in an away encounter. This is a highly crucial factor to consider in football betting because many teams change their game style based on the environment they will be playing in.

Match Context

Is it true that both teams are vying for the championship? Is it the last stage of the championship, a tense derby, or just a dull encounter with nothing to play for? Always check this. This is an important betting tip to keep on your fingertips any time you are interested in football betting


BTTS betting market necessitates the use of players that excel at scoring. You are more likely to win if there are more available. It’s unnecessary to know whether they’ll be in the starting lineup. All that is necessary is to determine whether they are physically and mentally capable of scoring. A crucial betting tip to remember.

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