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Betting on the German 1.Bundesliga

What is the Bundesliga ?

The Bundesliga is the best attended football league in the world and is one of Europe’s very top domestic leagues – Germany’ s primary domestic football competition.

Literally “Bundesliga” means “Federal League”, reflecting the federal structure of the German state, and can be written as Fußball-Bundesliga.

The Bundesliga (sometimes written as 1.Bundesliga) is the top division in Germany – it is widely regarded as one of the very finest domestic football leagues in the world, containing giants of European football such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

Indeed, as the Bundesliga was founded to make the German national football team more competitive, there is an argument to say it is Europe’s most successful league along with Serie A: only Brazil (5) have won more World Cups than Germany and Italy (both 4).

Below that is 2.Bundesliga – the equivalent of the English Championship – which also contains many sleeping giants of German football, with clubs getting relegated and promoted between the top divisions. Throughout the season EagleBet gives you 2.Bundesliga betting tips as well as for 1.Bundesliga as we often discover bookmakers have not been as thorough in the lower divisions in narrowing down the betting angles for you the punter.

How many teams are in the Bundesliga ?

The Bundesliga contains 18 football teams – although 56 teams have competed in it – and for the last decade this has been completely dominated by Bayern Munich, who have won the last nine titles – an incredible achievement unmatched by any European club in one of the really major leagues such as the Bundesliga. However, the dominance of Bayern means that their odds are not very competitive, so the clever bettor needs our Bundesliga betting tips to find strategies to make money out of betting on the german football league.

Is the German Betting Market Regulated ?

The German betting market has finally been regulated, which means that Bundesliga betting tips enthusiasts can bet with confidence with licensed book makers who have to follow very strict procedures on responsible gaming – and the Bundesliga is the competition German punters bet on the most, followed by the English Premier League. At EagleBet we only recommend customers use our Bundesliga betting tips to bet with approved operators listed on EagleBet, who we have investigated, researched, tested and trust: it’s our reputation at stake if we refer you to an operator to bet on the Bundesliga.

Further on in this article we will let you in on a few of our secrets to explain some of the statistics and algorithms we use in our Bundesliga betting guides to ensure that a large number of our Bundesliga tips and predictions results in winning bets for you the customer.

History of the Bundesliga

The origins of the Bundesliga (at least in what was West Germany) can really be traced to 1949, although organized German football is much older. It was just after the war that amateurs became semi-professional and a vast network of local leagues were streamlined into a handful of regional football competitions.
The winner of these regional rounds (along with the runners-up) competed in playoffs matches before taking part in a national championship. The first national association, the Deutscher Fußball Bund, had been founded in Leipzig in 1900. It had 86 members.
Ironic as it seems now given Germany’s huge success in international competition, but concern about Germany’s perceived poor performance at international football through the 1950s was the driving force behind the establishing in 1962 of the Bundesliga. This followed a defeat by Yugoslavia in a World Cup quarter final. A related point was the lack of a fully professional league driving some of Germany’s best players to move abroad.

Where was the Bundesliga created ?

The decision in Dortmund lead to the creation of the Bundesliga in time to kick off the 1963-4 season.
As our Bundesliga betting tips team analysed some 46 football clubs applied to join, from West Germany’s different Oberligen (basically top regional leagues); 16 clubs were selected on some fairly mixed criteria, which produced controversy at the time.
East Germany remained entirely separate behind the Iron Curtain. From 1950 it had the DS-Oberliga, becoming the Football Oberliga DFV in 1958. This was a relatively small football league with just 14 teams and two relegation places. It was often referred to as the DDR-Liga or DDR-Oberliga. The league fielded 14 teams with two relegation spots.
FC Köln – a familiar name in our Bundesliga betting guides, which we have given dozens of winning betting tips – won the first Bundesliga, chased by Meidericher SV and Eintracht Frankfurt.

The 1.Bundesliga system worked well, reflected in the German national team becoming a giant of world football.

The system continued until 1990 when Germany was finally re-unified: Dynamo Dresden and FC Hansa Rostock – alas not two names currently appearing in our 1.Bundesliga betting tips – were the two East German clubs deemed of a high enough standard to be swept up into the Bundesliga, with a raft of other clubs filtering into the lower divisions. This meant that the Bundesliga was extended to 20 clubs temporarily.

How Bundesliga Works

Before you bet on the 1 Bundesliga and follow our matchday Bundesliga betting tips, it is important to understand how the german football league works. Since 1995–96, victory is rewarded with three points rather than two – again a common change across Europe to discourage away teams playing for a “bore-draw”.

Naturally winning the German 1.Bundesliga gains huge domestic kudos, enjoyed almost exclusively by Bayern Munich in recent years – though with a vast number of betting markets and lots of other teams playing, there are almost always other attractive bets in our Bundesliga betting guides.

How do Bundesliga clubs qualify for the Champions League ?

But in the Champions League era, finishing in the top four of the Bundesliga is arguably the key imperative for big Bundesliga clubs – as this qualifies German teams for the following season’s UEFA Champions League and admits them into the select club of elite European clubs.

Many of our betting tips seekers like placing bets on their Bundesliga football club when they qualify to play in Europe, hence why we also produce Champions League betting tips and Europa League predictions.

But playing football in Europe can also be a distraction and can lengthen the odds on a team doing well in the Bundesliga the following season – particularly if they have had to travel back from Moscow or somewhere mid-week, as our Secret Tipster often points out.

How many football clubs get relegated from the German Bundesliga ?

Sadly, the two football clubs at the bottom of the 1 Bundesliga at the end of the season are relegated into the 2. Bundesliga

The top two clubs, naturally, are promoted to the 1.Bundesliga. An interesting twist which has not, for example, been introduced to the Premier League: the club that finishes third from bottom (so 16th) in the Bundesliga has to face the team that ended the season in the 2.Bundesliga in third place. These two teams – filled with nerves – have a play-off over two-legs to determine which one plays in the 1.Bundesliga and which one must slum it in 2.Bundesliga the following season. This, of course, features in our Bundesliga betting guides.

Bundesliga Football Teams in 2021/22

In alphabetical order:

Arminia Bielefeld
FC Augsburg
Bayer Leverkusen
Bayern Munich
VfL Bochum
Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Mönchengladbach
Eintracht Frankfurt
SC Freiburg
Greuther Fürth
Hertha Berlin
1899 Hoffenheim
FC Köln
RB Leipzig
Mainz 05
VfB Stuttgart
Union Berlin
VfL Wolfsburg

Bundesliga Attendance in 2021

Back in pre-Covid days when stadia were full, Borussia Dortmund was typically the best supported club with an incredible average attendance of circa 80,000. Average attendances are typically well over 40,000 in the Bundesliga, more even than in the Premier League.

Bundesliga betting tips all around the world

Indeed, it is notable that young English players such as Jude Bellingham are playing in the german football league, which is widely acclaimed for its excellent coaching and technical standards. It is no coincidence that former Bundesliga managers such as Jurgen Klopp are keenly sought by Premier League clubs.

In 2017, 1.Bundesliga clubs actually started getting more traction in China than the Premier League. No wonder it is not just Germans but people all around the world who follow our German Bundesliga betting tips.

Bundesliga Betting Guides

Betting tips and predictions

It is very easy to make a football prediction: if Bayern Munich are playing, there is a very high probability they will win. But that doesn’t help you as a Bundesliga betting enthusiast, and isn’t enough to make good betting tips – because the sports betting site bookies know this, too. Just like they have a fairly good idea on how lots of Bundesliga matches are going to end, due to past form. And this form is factored into the odds: ( grab this betting tips ) the more likely a football team is to win, the “meaner” the odds will be. Conversely, the less likely a team is to win, the odds will be more “generous” – but these bets are obviously harder to win, so we would also be foolish to simply offer such bets without further thought in our Bundesliga betting tips.

How to bet on the Bundesliga

Which is why we put so much work and thought into our Bundesliga guides, because we turn those (often fairly obvious) football predictions into betting tips. This is by looking at the match in far more detail. For instance, must punters typically look at a team’s last match and to them that is studying the form. Our Bundesliga Betting Tips team, in contrast, will look at the last five Bundesliga matches, then the last ten matches, then break that down into home and away matches. Our Bundesliga betting tips experts will look for patterns: a tendency to draw in the Bundesliga; to not score many goals away (or conversely to score a vast number); or to score a lot of goals but almost entirely in the second half. And so on, because even the bookies haven’t thought of all these angles. There are just so many markets these days, and we study all of them before compiling our Bundesliga matchday betting guides. So you will get the bestgerman football league betting tips, on a great variety of football betting markets.

We have a team of 1.Bundesliga betting tips experts led by the Secret Tipster, who has made millions placing bets on the Bundesliga and Premier League. This approach to writing Bundesliga betting tips is driven very much by the data, particularly xG (expected goals). And with handicaps (Asian and otherwise): is there suddenly really good value in a match that on paper looked completely one-sided?

Relevant Data While Betting on the 1.Bundesliga

As well as this entire area of data science, we here at EagleBet look closely at the news: has a team got a lot of injuries, or players missing for AFCON, or Covid? Is their star striker about to come back into the team? Has one team travelled a vast distance in the week leading to Saturday’s match to play in Europe? Has a particular player struck the post 12 times this season, so is it likely his luck will change and have the bookies priced into their “anytime goalscorer market” just what a potentially brilliant striker he is?

Winning Bundesliga Betting Tips

It’s true that a lot of the biggest sports betting sites make a lot of money. But this disguises that there are consistently very large number of punters betting on the German Bundesliga who make a lot of money out of it themselves. It’s the “mugs” who don’t read Bundesliga betting guides who effectively subsidise those who are intelligent enough to follow professional Bundesliga betting tips and predictions such as ours.

Unlike lots of sites, if we don’t think there is betting value with a particular game, we will tell you in our Bundesliga betting guide not to bet on it. You are our customer and we want you to win, and that means giving you reliable Bundesliga betting tip and professional football predictions that you will sign up to receive and come back to EagleBet to read regularly.

Weekly Bundesliga Betting Tips

We also publish regular betting guides to teach you how to become a more successful punter. Just a few little tips here and there can dramatically push the Bundesliga odds in your favour.

We are not right all the time. Betting is about predicting the balance of probabilities. It might be that bookies calculate that x Bundesliga team is 80% likely to win at home, but we think in this case it’s more like 55% because they have injuries, their star striker is sulking and their opponents are draw specialists on the road. The bookies very rarely price something completely wrongly, but they do over-estimate or under-estimate to a degree the probability of something happening. And that is where our Bundesliga betting tips come in, sniffing out the margin.

The Best Bundesliga Betting Bonuses

Bookies are desperate to win German customers, because by international standards they are wealthy and, along with the UK, Germany is a major betting market.

To win your custom they offer you bonuses. Because they think over your lifetime, betting on the Bundesliga, you will lose money – enough to cover the cost of your bonus.

But if, as we say, you follow our expert Bundesliga betting tips and predictions in our betting guides, it will tilt the odds in your favour. This has been statistically proven.

So The best betting tips we can give you is – claim lots of betting bonuses by signing up with different partners found here on EagleBet.

We only recommend sports betting sites who we have checked out ourselves. We bet too, but only ever responsibly and we make money out of it. That is the second major betting tip you need to follow.

Only those responsible betting sites get the Eagle’s seal of approval. We factor in everything: the odds (are the competitive?), the range of betting markets they offer, the payment methods, what licenses they hold, whether they offer a good user experience, is there good customer support and can you get your money in and out without hassle? All these points are covered in our market leading sportsbook reviews, so our value to you is in way more than just our Bundesliga betting tips.

The last major betting tips is – bet on reliable betting sites

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