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Secret Tipster

By the Secret Tipster At the halfway point of the Bundesliga the top of the…Read more ›

The Secret Tipster Made millions betting on the Bundesliga and Premier League. He spots bets…Read more ›

The Secret Tipster Made millions from betting online on the Bundesliga and Premier League. He…Read more ›

The Secret Tipster had made millions from his online betting, a lot of it from…Read more ›

He is the tipster who has made millions from his own tips. And that’s on…Read more ›

By The Secret Tipster The Secret Tipster has made millions from his personal gambling and…Read more ›

By The Secret Tipster During the international break smart bettors are taking the chance to…Read more ›

The start of October is far enough into the season to start making some assessments…Read more ›

No one gives you free cash, but here at EagleBet we do give you free…Read more ›

I’ve always enjoyed betting on the Ryder Cup. Some golf fans see it as a…Read more ›

It feels like a hard set of fixtures for bettors in this week’s 21/22 Bundesliga….Read more ›

He is the tipster everyone is talking about. He has made millions out of online…Read more ›

The Secret Tipster has visited most grounds in the Bundesliga, is a data specialist and…Read more ›

In his latest report the Secret Tipster turns his expert eye to this week’s 1.Bundesliga…Read more ›

As we countdown to the third weekend of the English Premier League, our brilliant new…Read more ›

Our Secret Tipster returns with his most recent article since signing for EagleBet this summer….Read more ›

It might seem crazy to even discuss relegation of a club boasting the longest stretch…Read more ›

Welcome to the third insider piece by The Secret Tipster, giving you our customers tips,…Read more ›


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