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Cycling Betting

Cycling might be a popular way of travelling for many, or it might be considered a popular hobby or pastime for man! However it has also become a highly competitive sport that many have enjoyed to participate in and to bet on ever since the form of transportation was created.

Indeed, cycling is not just popular for those that like to enjoy the leisure activity or the competitive nature that the sport can present, as many have started to enjoy betting on the action that takes place as they have found it an ideal to sport to complement their online betting experiences as much as possible, and EagleBet partners can be the solution for cycling bettors.

History Of Cycling Sports

Ever since the mode of transport was formed, large cycling races became incredibly popular during the 1890s, which was considered to be the “Golden Age of Cycling”, as events happened across Europe, U.S. and Japan. Indeed, it became so big in the United States, that almost every major city had a velodrome for track racing competitions.

However, the sport really took off in continental Europe, with many of the nations in the region having taken cycling up as a competitive sport and one which has become a major sporting competition and event.

The biggest sign of this happening is perhaps the Tour de France, a race that is famed around the world and is widely considered to be the best cycling tournament having started in 903 and continued to increase in popularity.

Cycling Sports Events And Competitions

There are a number of different competitive cycling events available for betting fans, from all over the world, with each having become highly fierce with those racing, whilst they have also become incredibly popular for online bettors looking to improve their betting experiences with EagleBet resources.

The main discipline that can be found within cycling is the road competitions that take place, with each event working in a variety of different ways. These can be competed as an individual or as a team, therefore providing various ways in which the competitions can be performed.

The biggest of the cycling road events for betting action that exist include competitions such as the Tour de France – with the yellow jersey being one of the most famous pieces of clothing to have ever existed – whilst the Vuelta a España is another highly popular road racing event which simply copies the French version of the event, and of course, they are both available in our online sports betting platform.

Road racing events can also vary in time, with some taking around three weeks to complete, whilst others may be completed over the course of a day. This means cycling bettors have a number of options available to them when looking to further enhance their cycling online betting experiences.

Other bike-based sporting events that are available to bet on, plus if you don’t feel comfortable betting on sports you don’t know much about, EagleBet has various betting guides to help you when placing wagers on events such as track cycling – which is highly popular in the Olympics – cyclo-cross, mountain biking, BMX and cycle speedway.

Cycling Betting Guide Online

With a rather large number of different cycling events available, betting on the action that takes place still could not be any simpler than before.

Regardless of the sporting event being played out on the bicycles, EagleBet has sports betting enthusiasts covered as we are able to continuously offer bettors some of the most competitive betting partners who offer the most profitable odds and markets possible.

In addition, there are a plethora of different online betting markets that can be used to further enhance the betting experiences felt with each racing event, although they will be different depending on the cycling events.

However, whether it be placing a bet on the time that the cyclist will finish their stage, or whether it be simply predicting who will come out on top and win the competition or stage, bettors will have a plethora of options available to them to select from.

Best Cyclists & Cycling Events To Bet On

Of course, some of the biggest betting events for this sport have helped to increase the appeal and the desire to bet on the sporting events that can be found within the discipline of cycling.

As mentioned, the Tour de France and the La Vuelta are some of the most popular events to bet on within the cycling sphere and continue to attract audiences in the millions each single time. With the competitions taking three weeks to complete due to the numerous stages that can be competed, bettors will have a plethora of opportunities for betting on the action.

Furthermore, the track events that generally take place at the Olympics – as well as various other competitions over the years – continue to attract many viewers and sports betting enthusiasts, as they happen to feature some of the most competitive cyclists.

Cyclists have made huge reputations for themselves because of their performances in the sport of cycling include Chris Froome, Lance Armstrong, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Hoy, whilst there are also great female cyclists such as Fabiana Leperini, Laura Trott and Victoria Pendleton.

Claim EagleBet Betting Bonuses To Bet On Cycling

Our website should be cycling bettors number one destination when they are looking for a new online sportsbook to give them what they deserve when looking to further enhance their online betting experiences across a number of sports, including cycling.

Our partners offer the thousands of sports bettors that are already signed up with them the very best in competitive cycling odds and markets, with some of the biggest tour events and races continually featuring some of the top betting markets available as well.

Indeed, with so many top competitors continuing to take place out on the track or the road, sports betting enthusiasts continue to deserve some of the very best odds and markets to go with them which can be seen at the sportsbooks approved by EagleBet.

So, if you want the yellow jersey in the form of joining a sportsbook that is a leader when it comes to cycling betting, then look no further.

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