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Golf Betting

Golf is an incredibly popular sport among international sports betting fans, across the whole year as players are able to play in a number of places all around the world, which is down to the appeal that the sport has in various countries.

The sport has continued to grow in popularity over the years among the sports betting community, with a number of competitive golfers having helped to transform the sport and turn it into a competition that is incredibly fun to watch and bet on when using our trusted online sportsbooks.

History And Origins Of Golf As Sport

The history of golf is much debated, although the modern version of the game that we all know and love originated back in the 15th century in Scotland.

Revisiting its history, golf is thought to have been played back in the Roman period, with the game of paganica being believed to have been an early form of the sport. One of the main theories is that the successful expansion of the conquerors made golf come with them before being adapted into what it is today.

It has been argued it came from China, although the first modern form of the sport does originate from Scotland, with a written record from James II, who became a golfer after lifting a ban that thimself has declared

In 1503, it is believed the first golf clubs were made, although even to this very day, they continue to be developed further to try and give players a slightly better experience when hitting the ball as far as possible.

General Rules And Formats Of Golf Tournaments

The main rules of the sport have since been standardised and are the same no matter where the sport is being played, thus making it universal. Although this makes it simple for both professionals and amateurs to play golf, it also makes it simple for those looking to bet on the golf action.

Of course, many of the rules relate to the way that the game is scored, as well as how many shots are allowed to be taken on any particular hole so betting on golf has its previous study just like any other sport. Each course is designed with a par score in mind, with the aim being for each golfer to go around the course by hitting the ball the fewest number of times possible to get it in each of the 18 holes.

Golf Scoring System

The scoring system consists of the following: Hole in one, Albatross (incredibly rare), eagle, birdie, par, bogey, double bogey. The scoring can continue above that, although scores will then look like 3-over, 4-over etc.

Each competition may have its own rules in regards to penalties, such as for striking a ball out of bounds, although it is best to see what each one is when they appear on the schedule.

Read EagleBet betting guides to understand the rules and golf markets to make the most out of your bets. Visit our sports betting guides for more information.

How To Bet On Golf?

With golf featuring some rather standardised rules and the fact that it appears to be played on a weekly basis throughout the year because of their ability to play various tournaments in a number of different places, there are a number of betting opportunities available to sports betting enthusiasts around the world.

Indeed, we have provided bettors with everything that they could possibly need when looking to further enhance their online golf betting experiences, as EagleBet provides an ultimate list with some of the best online bookmakers who provide the most competitive odds and markets available anywhere on the internet.

Golf Betting Markets

There are a number of diverse markets that online sports betting enthusiasts using EagleBet trusted online sportsbooks are able to take advantage of, whilst they are able to continue to enjoy some of the best odds that are available as well.

Therefore, anyone who believes a hole in one might be recorded, or fancy taking a punt at one of the golf majors and the Grand Slams that take place each year, heading to one of the best sportsbooks online would certainly feel as good as putting your own albatross!

Top Golfers To Follow

The increase in popularity for sports betting on the sport and the general popularity of the sport can be attributed to a number of different things, although the golf players to have played the sport throughout history will have had a huge impact.

A few top golf individuals have emerged building an international reputation and naturally, golf players such as Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Gary Player and Phil Mickelson have helped grow the sport into what it is today, whilst modern golfers such as Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia, Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson and Ian Poulter have managed to make the sport a rather enjoyable experience.

Golf Tournaments To Bet On

Furthermore, the majors that have been in existence for a number of years already have only helped to boost the appeal of the sport and boost its presence with sports betting enthusiasts.

The British Open, the Masters, the PGA Championship and the U.S. Open are some of the most historic golf competitions to have ever featured on the annual golf schedule, and these events have appealed to many, especially those who are looking to enjoy some of the best golf betting odds and markets possible.

Why Bet On Golf Competitions?

Choosing our trusted sports betting platforms for all of your golf online betting needs should be a given, although these are some of the reasons as to why you should look to join the thousands of members already taking advantage of what these sportsbooks are able to offer.

The first is the fact that the bookmakers are able to offer some of the most competitive betting odds and markets available within the sport, with these betting websites continuing to work hard to beat their competitors and provide their members with an experience like no other.

Therefore, those looking to hit their own hole in one should head straight on over to EagleBet.

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