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Dubai World Championships

Dubai World Championships Betting Tips

This is one of the newest golf tournaments to be on the European Tour schedule. However, it is also one of the biggest. The Dubai World Championships competition is the season ending golf event and it is usually competed by the 60 best players on the European Tour as each of them have managed to earn their place in the Race to Dubai.

Of course, this golf competition has naturally proved incredibly competitive and this is only helped by the amount of people that consider betting on the action that unfolds on the golf course in the United Arab Emirates.

History Of Dubai World Championships

As mentioned, the 60 best European Tour players compete in this golf tournament with the Race to Dubai being one of the most lucrative of prizes to those on this particular tour of the golfing programme. The Dubai World Championship was formed in 2009 and is one of the numerous golf competitions to have been introduced to the schedule in recent years.

Top Players Of The Dubai World Championships

Despite this, there have still been a number of golfers who have won multiple titles when they have competed in this incredibly competitive and lucrative competition.

According to our sports betting specialists, one of the best golf players to have played in the Dubai World Championships is Sweden’s Henrik Stenson as he managed to win the tournament on back to back occasions, having won his first in 2013, and the second in 2014.

Furthermore, golfers such as Rory McIlroy, Matthew Fitzpatrick, and John Rahm have each been able to take the total prize on at least two occasions as well.

Indeed, with golf pros of that reputation and stature, it is no surprise that sports betting enthusiasts have continued to flock in their 1000s to bet at top sportsbook, as many of them have continued to look for the most competitive and best golf betting odds and markets available for this Dubai World Championships golfing event.

The Dubai World Championships Betting Odds

With a number of different golf betting markets available, such as how many strokes will be taken for each hole, or how the overall par score will be, sports betting enthusiasts are able to place bets on literally anything they wish when using the services provided by EagleBet’s trusted online sportsbooks.

Furthermore, our sports betting platform continues to make things as competitive and as good as they can by continuing to look to bring their members the very best when it comes down to the Dubai World Championships and continue to aim to be the number one destination for all things betting with this golf event and many others.

Best Bookie To Bet On The Dubai World Championships

EagleBet continues to work for you with the best bookmakers in mind for all your golf betting requirements, whether it be for the Dubai World Championships or any of the other golfing major events that can have a bet placed on it.

As the sportsbooks continue to make things incredibly easy for golf betting, and user friendly for all the members, EagleBet partnered up with bookies that provide bettors with a faultless experience and one that makes them feel as though they are able to strike their own hole in ones every time they are betting with us.

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