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BMW PGA Championship

BMW PGA Championship Betting Tips

This is an annual men’s professional golf tournament that takes place on the European Tour and features some of the best golfers currently in the sport.

The BMW PGA Championship is incredibly competitive and provides sports betting enthusiasts that use EagleBet’s approved online sportsbooks for all their golf betting needs with some incredibly impressive odds and markets available each time it appears on the European Tour schedule.

History Of The BMW PGA Championship

Having been established in 1955, the golf competition usually takes place each May, in the United Kingdom at the Wentworth Club in Surrey, England. Wentworth Club also happens to be the headquarters for the European Tour.

BMW PGA Championship is often regarded as the flagship event of the European Tour, which makes it considered to be one of the best tournaments that golf players can take part in each season it appears on the schedule, and where you can participate after reading EagleBet betting tips.

Although winning this golf tournament will usually mean that the BMW PGA Championship participant player will receive one of the biggest cash prizes available, it will also mean they are given an exemption into that season’s US Open, and the next three British Open championships, therefore truly incentivising pro golf players further and making this a competition to win.

BMW PGA Championship Best Players

A number of the best golfers from around the world have competed in the BMW PGA Championship over the years, with many having been able to win multiple editions of the competition throughout their careers.

According to EagleBet sports betting specialists, golfers such as Luke Donald, Anders Hanson, and Colin Montgomery have each managed to win more than two editions of the BMW PGA Championship, whilst top golfers such as Rory McIlroy, Francesco Molinar, Tyrell Hatton and Paul Casey have each been able to win it on at least one occasion, as well.

Indeed with such a lineup, it is no surprise as to why so many sports betting enthusiasts look to place a wager on the golfing action that takes place at the BMW PGA Championship each season, as it continues to remain incredibly competitive.

Furthermore, with pro golfers of that calibre lining up continuously to hit their balls with drivers, woods and irons off the tee or the fairways, the best sports betting platforms strive to ensure they offer bettors with the most competitive odds for golf sport that they can with each swing of a club.

BMW PGA Championship Betting Odds & Markets

EagleBet partners continue to make it competitive as well for online sports gamblers around the world looking to further enhance their golf betting experiences.

With the odds and markets that we offer, golf bettors are able to place bets on a vast number of different markets such as the overall total score, the score of a certain round, or how many strokes it will take for one golfer to get the ball in a hole on a particular hole.

Betting On The BMW PGA Championship With EagleBet Bonus Offers

Our approved online sportsbooks provides golf fans with one of the best betting experiences online and continue to be able to do this by adopting a user friendly web service that is compatible on both computers and mobile devices, therefore allowing golf betting fans to access their services from wherever they are.

So, sports betting enthusiasts looking to record a hole in one with their online golf betting should look to use EagleBet bonuses to bet on the BMW PGA Championship!

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