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Championship Betting Tips Matchday 34 – Saturday


Our Matchday 34 Championship betting tips are full of winning bets at great odds. Our EFL tips offer some fascinating matches with the best odds, predictions and tips in the Championship. Not all our tips appear on EagleBet so sign up to our newsletter to receive our free Championship 21/22 betting tips with matchday Championship tips and predictions, brought to you in partnership with ZodiacBet.

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Championship Betting Tips Saturday 19th February 2022

Fulham v Huddersfield – Championship Betting Tips 21/22

fulham player

Something has to give in these Matchday Championship tips as prior to the midweek games Huddersfield (undefeated in 14 across all competitions) travel to leaders Fulham who had won six and drawn one of their last seven in the EFL.

Our Championship tips would suggest a small bet on Fulham as the value is very marginal.

We would also like you to have a look, having read our Championship tips and predictions, at the under away goals for Huddersfield as even though their results have been good they don’t score many.

This is one of those matches that is going to be fascinating to watch for the result and it will give a serious indication of Huddersfield’s play off credentials, but in terms of our Championship pro betting tips today we see better value in the EFL Championship market with our other selections.

Championship Odds

home win: 1.49
draw: 5
away win: 9.5

EagleBet EFL Prediction

Home win

EagleBet Championship Pro Betting Tips Today

Our Matchday Championship betting tips only suggest a small bet on this one and on under goals for Huddersfield

Bristol City v Middlesbrough – Championship Betting Tips

bristol top player

Our Championship Betting Tips see this as a much better bet.
Middlesbrough are on fire and are storming up the league and we just don’t think Bristol City will live with them.

That said, we look at recent form for our Matchday Championship tips and predictions and Bristol City have after a poor run at home now won three of their last five there.

But they haven’t played a team as good as Middlesbrough currently are and we will be betting big on this one and suggest you do as well by following our EFL Championship Tips.

Bristol City consistently let in two goals a game and against this defence we with ‘Boro strikers could clean up at generous odds.

Championship Betting Odds

home win: 4
draw: 3.4
away win: 4.5

EFL Betting Prediction

Away win is our Championship prediction

EagleBet Championship pro tips

Very decent value in the away win according to our Matchday Championship betting tips but also in over 1.5 away goals at 2.38

Coventry v Barnsley EFL Betting Tips

Cracking value here in our Matchday Championship betting tips with Barnsley suffering five straight away defeats and Coventry decent at home.

We would strongly suggest you follow our EFL tip here at bet the home win.

Championship Odds

home win: 1.71
draw: 4
away win: 6.25

EFL Prediction

Home win

EagleBet Championship pro betting tips today

These Championship betting tips really like Coventry at these odds

Derby v Peterborough EFL 21/22 Betting Tips

derby player

What a great bet this is in our Matchday Championship betting tips
apart from a draw at lowly Birmingham, Peterborough have been absolutely terrible away with a succession of straight defeats.

Derby meanwhile have four wins in five away and are second at home in our five match home form table: this is shaping up in our EFL tips to be one our bets of the day.

Burnley have been beaten on eight of their last 10 aways and we are betting big on this personally, so consider this a strong one in our Championship 21/22 tips.

Overall it looks as if Derby’s form has dropped off of late but do not be fooled: they have come up against some good sides in the Championship lately and these matchday Championship tips and predictions are frankly surprised the odds are as generous as this against one of the poorest sides in the Championship.

Championship Matchday 34 Odds

home win: 2
draw: 3.5
away win: 4.33

EagleBet EFL Prediction

Home win

Championship pro betting tips today

These Championship tips urge you to bet big on Derby

Preston v Reading Championship Betting Tips

championship team

This is our bet of the day in our Championship Betting Tips.
Prior to the midweek games Preston had gone six games undefeated while Reading were in total meltdown with eight defeats in a row, including to Kidderminster in the cup.

Any bet against Reading frankly is a good one in our Matchday Championship betting tips which is making us big money at the moment.

EFL Odds

home win: 1.76
draw: 3.8
away win: 5.5

EagleBet EFL Prediction

Home win

EagleBet Championship tips today

These Championship betting tips did consider the home win but just conscious that Preston’s much improved form has largely come on the road while at home they are drawing a lot we are actually going to make our biggest bet of the month on Preston draw no bet at Championship odds of 1.3 – huge opportunities.

Sheffield United v Swansea Championship Betting Tips

Great value in our Matchday Championship tips here with a hugely improved Sheffield United making a late charge for the Championship.

Swansea are inconsistent and should struggle here.
Another really strong opportunity to make money here in our matchday Championship tips and predictions by betting on Sheffield United at these odds.

Championship Odds

home win: 1.8
draw: 3.85
away win: 5

EagleBet EFL Prediction

Home win

Championship professional betting tips

These Championship betting tips really like the home win here

How to Bet on The EFL Championship in 2022

There are great bets in the English Football League with great odds. Use the free money ( top betting bonuses ) from partners listed on EagleBet – such as ZodiacBet and ZenBet, and remember there are no limits to how many accounts you can open – and use this Championship betting tips with our odds, predictions and pro tips to earn money.

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The Championship is always the most exciting league in the world, and we are the best tipsters operating for the Championship.

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Follow our Championship betting tips today

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