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How to use Asian Handicap in Betting

Asian handicap guide

Asian Handicap: Betting Guide

The Asian Handicap is one of the most famous types of betting in the world, it is very popular in football and exists in all sports. AH is a system that proposes a balance when there is a technical/quality difference between the two teams, in addition to preventing a tie and guaranteeing higher odds.

The system is really popular among betting professionals because of the benefits in terms of ease of calculation (once the complicated system is ‘mastered’) plus the greater liquidity of a huge ‘2-way market’.

If you don’t know the basics of AH betting and AH style odds, we suggest you check out our special guide on Asian Handicap betting.

This guide is intended to be used as a group of tips to improve your Asian Handicap betting results.

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Basics of Asian Handicap

Let’s see in practice how the Asian Handicap works:

Look at the table of the game Sporting vs Manchester City, by the Champions League.

1X2Asian Handicap
Sporting@9.90+1.5 – @1.99
Manchester City@1.31-1.5 – @1.93

To get started, you need to understand the “+” and “-” signs on the Handicap line. They represent the advantage or disadvantage that the bookmaker is offering, giving or taking goals. To prevent the tie, the Handicap will delete the “.5” or half goal.

In the second column, we have the 1×2 market and the odds for Manchester City to win is 1.31, this odds are low because this is the no-doubt favorite team, Sporting has a odds of 9.90, but at the same time, their win is very unlikely to happen.

Look at the third column and compare with the second, in this column we only have two possibilities, no tie and both pay very well. As Sporting is an inferior team, the bookmaker gave the team a +1.5 goals advantage and as Manchester City is much superior, they start the game with a disadvantage of -1.5 goals.

Betting Sporting +1.5 , the Portuguese team can draw or lose by up to a goal difference and your bet will be a winner, as it enters the field with a score of 1.5 x 0. And betting on Real Madrid -1.5 , the Spanish team needs to win by at least two goals difference for you to hit.

We have Handicaps of 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and even higher, depending on the technical difference between the teams, very unbalanced clashes will have higher Handicaps.

Situations in very balanced games, the bookmaker offers Handicap 0, that is, there is no advantage for either side and a tie cancels the bet.

Bookmakers also offer Handicap +1/-1. In this modality, there is no “half” goal, let’s understand why in the example below:

1X2Asian Handicap
Atalanta@1.46-1    –  @1.81
Olympiacos@1.94+1   –  @2.03

Betting Olympiacos +1, the draw will be enough for you to win, as the Greek team has a goal advantage. If the bet is Atalanta -1, the Italian team must win by two or more goals difference.

If Atalanta wins by just one goal difference, the Handicap will be tied and your bet is returned, in the same way as with Handicap 0

That is, in Handicaps with whole numbers such as 0.0, 1.0, 2.0, etc., you can have the stake returned, in case the team does not get the necessary advantage and is tied.

In some cases we have two types of handicaps in a single bet, they are the Mixed Handicaps. When the Handicap is presented with two options separated by a slash, half of the stake will be placed on each one. Let’s go to the example:

1X2Asian Handicap
Porto@2.07-0/0.5    –  @1.90
Lazio@3.10+0/0.5   –  @1.92

If you bet 100 Euros on Handicap -0/0.5 Porto, half of that amount will go to Handicap 0 and the other half to Handicap -0.5. If Porto wins, you win your bet in full. If the game ends in a tie, you lose half of your bet and the other half is returned. If Porto loses the match, you also lose your bet entirely.

Asian Market: Over/Under

Based on the same principle as the Asian Handicaps, we will have three ways to bet.

Traditional: Over/Under 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc., where there are only two possible resolutions. Either you lose or you win your bet according to the outcome of the game.

Whole bets: Over/Under 1.0 , 2.0 , 3.0 , etc., where you have the possibility of your bet being returned if the game ends with the exact amount of goals on the bet line.

Mixed Bets: Over/Under 0.5/1.0, 1.5/2.0, 2.5/3.0, etc., where your money will be divided into two betting possibilities and your return will be calculated according to each result.

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