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Japanese B.League

Japanese B-League betting guide

Japanese B.League Betting Tips

The Japanese B.League is a basketball league that operates in Japan and it is part of the full circuit of the game in the country. It is the top level of basketball in Japan and was founded as recently as four years ago in 2016 after the idea came up in 2015. It is operated by the Japan Basketball Association and happens throughout the year.

Being a new league, B.League betting is a great option for betters online. EagleBet is looking to offer some great betting tips for many betters out there.

The Japanese B.League Format And Structure

The first tier of Japanese football has operated under different names in the past, but the B League consists of three divisions in itself. The relegation system is followed in the first two divisions, which have a total of 18 teams in them each. The third division is made of semi-professional teams and the relegation or promotion system isn’t followed there in any way.

The first two divisions play a total of 60 games in the normal season. This has 36 games against teams in their own division and the rest of the games are played against teams from the lower division. On this basis, the play-offs are decided to lead to the semi-final and the quarter-finals. In this way, the final is played but it is played on a neutral venue.

As for relegation, it is different from the other leagues. The bottom four teams in the divisions play each other in a mini-tournament to determine who goes into the lower division. Two teams that lose the play-off games get relegated and the top two teams from the second-division earn promotion to the top division.

Successful Teams Of The B.League

The fact that it is a new league makes it an interesting betting option for betters online. There is some unpredictability about it and the odds offered are very good.

Despite it being new, Alvark Tokyo already boasts of having won the title the most number of times, with their tally at two in the first division. Shinshu Brave Warriors are the current Champions of the second division and that is their first title in history.

As for the third division, another capital-city based club Tokyo Excellence are the reigning champions, having won their first title in the 2019-20 season.

Japan B.League Conferences

Apart from the various divisions, every division has three separate conferences. They are the East, Central and West conferences and teams from these conferences play that of the other more than twice to make up the total number of games needed. The higher number of games makes the B League a very interesting bet all the time.

The number of conferences in one league increases the number of betting odds available. And bettors can look forward to some great odds from the next season onwards too.

The most recent B League season has Davante Gardner leading the table for the most points. He has 23 points to his name, with Jack Cooley top for getting most points from rebounds in the season.

Alvark Tokyo are at the top in East District of division one, while Kawasaki Brave Thunder occupy the top spot for the Central district. Ryukyu Golden Kings, on the other hand, are the top for the Western District and lead Osaka Evessa by a total of 25 points.

Why Bet On The Japanese Basketball League?

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