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Turksih BSL

Turkish BSL betting tips

Turksih Basketball Super League Betting Tips

The BSL or the Basketball Super League is the top tier of basketball in Turkey. For sponsorship reasons, the league is known as ING Basketbol Superligi and adopted the current name in 2015 after a name change at that point. Despite that, the potential for Basketball Super League betting is very high, as EagleBet offers some great bonus deals and betting tips for the same.

The Basketball Super League Format

The division has a total of 16 teams in it and they play each other twice in a single season. The first game is held at the home turf of one team and the second is played at the home turf of the other team. The bottom two of the BSL get relegated into the second-division, while the top two of the second division take their place in the next season.

Once the teams have played each other at home and away once, the top eight teams in the division at the end of the league season take part in the play-offs. The winner of these play-offs is the winner of the season and goes onto lift the trophy.

This rather simple and understandable format makes the Super League a reliable betting option and EagleBet have great betting tips for who wins the league at the end of the campaign.

The BSL History And Teams

Anadolu Efes have won the BSL title the most number of times in history, with their tally currently at 14. Their most recent title triumph came in 2019 and it was the first title that they won in exactly ten years, with the last one coming in 2009.

Fenerbahce have won the crown nine times and stand at second in the table for total titles won. They were the most successful club of the previous decade, winning the crown in 2010, 2011, 2014, 2016, 2017 and and even 2018. They have finished as runners-up nine times in history and are second behind Anadolu Efes in that regard as well.

Galatasaray, who happen to be the basketball branch of the football club with the same name, have won the BSL a total of five times too. Their last triumph came in 2013 and the other four of them came before 1990. They have finished as runner-ups five times as well.

BSL 2020 Season

The 2019-20 season of the BSL was stopped because of current conditions and it had started in September 2019. Reigning Champions Anadolu Efes were at the top of the table with a tally of 1959 points, with Pinar Karsiyaka at second with 1924 points only.

The domination of Anadolu in recent years makes it easier to predict how the leagues will end these days and the club has a fair share of good odds to bet on for betting across the globe.

Betting On The NBL

Trae Golden is currently the leader in terms of most points grabbed in the campaign. The American plies his trade Bahcesehir and has picked up as many as 23 points in the whole season. This is his first ever season in Turkey, having joined from a Russian club before the start of the campaign. He’s played 22 games in the season.

EagleBet lists some of the best online bookmakers that offer profitable odds for betting in the BSL and even offer a variety of betting deals for the same. Not just that, but there is immense potential in partners from EagleBet for many other basketball leagues in Europe and in the World.

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