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Argentine Superliga

Argentine Superliga football betting tips

Argentine Primera División Betting Tips

As EagleBet evaluated, the Argentine Primera División is one of the oldest football leagues to have ever existed, whilst it also remains one of the most exciting to have ever been formed as well.

With some legendary football teams to have played in the División, there is plenty of excitement that surrounds the Superliga each time it is played, especially amongst those that look to further enhance their online football betting with newer options.

Punters are able to make the most of what the Argentine Superliga has to offer as they are able to take advantage of some great betting odds that are continually provided.

Argentina’s Football First Division Background

The Argentine Primera División was the second football league in the world to have been introduced, just shortly after England’s league system when it was established in 1891 as EagleBet analyzed. There have been a number of top football teams and players to have featured in the competition throughout the years it has been in existence.

The Argentinian Superliga, though, has undergone a huge amount of change over the years as the Argentine Football Association (AFA) continue to try and streamline the competition and provide fans with the best football they can. This has meant that there have been various seasons which have seen a number of different football teams compete, with 2021 one of the latest changes to have taken place to the sports competition.

Argentine’s Primera División Teams To Bet

As you will notice, there are perhaps no other famous sides in Argentina than Boca Juniors and River Plate, with the two sides having had an epic rivalry over the years. Known as the SuperClássico, this rivalry is one of the fiercest in football and has attracted audiences from all over the world. Check these Superliga teams and start betting today.

One of the main reasons for this is that the two Buenos Aires outfits have proven to be the most successful teams in the Argentina’s Football Superliga throughout history, as well as the fact that they share the city and dislike each other greatly. However, you should pay attention not only to these sides.

As EagleBet evaluated, other football teams to have competed in the football División successfully in the past have included Racing, Independiente and San Lorenzo, as each have won more than 15 Superliga titles each.

Betting On Argentina’s Football League Players

There have been many South American Superliga stars to have played in the Argentine Primera División throughout its history, with individuals such as Mauricio Pochettino, Gabriel Batistuta, Ariel Ortega, Juan Roman Riquelme and Carlos Tevez each having played for clubs at various points in their careers. Marcelo Bielsa is perhaps one of the most famous managers to have come through the Argentine Primera División in recent memory.

Primera División Odds

We strive to offer betting fans with the best and most competitive bookmakers that have the best Argentine Primera División odds available, and have largely been successful in doing so as punters continue to come back and use their online betting services.

In addition to the competitive odds being offered, bettors are also able to find some of the best markets available at these sportsbooks, as they are able to place bets on a wide variety of different outcomes.

EagleBet’s Great Betting Opportunities In Argentina’s Football First Division

We provide some great betting guides, football tips and score predictions for a lot of leagues out there, which boosts punters betting experiences when looking to bet on football or any other sports.

However, the key to boosting odds are actually our best betting bonuses for some of the most reputed and trusted sportsbooks out there.

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