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Asian Club Championship Betting Tips

Asian Club Championship betting tips

Odds are that the Asian Club Championship is surely the biggest competition for handball teams in that part of the world. Major nations include the five Emirate states: Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. There are 37 member federations from across Asia, from the likes of Tunisia to Eastern nations like Malaysia and the Philippines.

Asian Club Championship Format

The members of the federation are split into three levels, with 10 teams in the first level and eight in the second. Joining the ‘big five’ in the first level are China, South Korea, Japan, Iran and Oman. The second level includes Chinese Taipei, Kazakhstan, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Thailand and North Korea.

Asian Handball Club Championship History

The federation itself is headquartered in Kuwait and was formed in 1974. The original president Sheikh Fahad was succeeded by his son Sheikh Ahmed, who will celebrate 30 years in the role in 2021.

Handball is a sport that needs good governance in Asia because of the variety of teams within the federation: teams stretch from East to West and come in a range of abilities. For this reason, it is sensible to place the advanced nations in the top level, and less advanced nations in the lower level. This makes for more competitive matches on which you can place bets.

Countries which provide teams for the Asian Club Championship, on which you can study the odds with EagleBet’s trusted betting sites, include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Oman, Palestine, Pakistan, Syria and Kazakhstan. Betting on any of them is advisable.

The first season took place in 1998 and was won by Al-Kazma of Kuwait, who retained their title the following season. Then Al-Sadd of Qatar, based in Doha, took five of the next six Asian Club Championships, including in a row. In 2008, Al-Ahli became the first Saudi Arabian handball team to win the tournament when they beat As-Sadd, the first Lebanese team to reach the final.

The betting odds favour Qatar. Five different teams from Qatar have won in the 2010s, when the nation dominated Asian handball. In fact, five finals were all-Qatari. The likes of Al-Rayyan, El-Jaish, Lekhwiya, Al-Duhail and the 2019 winner Al-Arabi brought home the Asian Club Championship for Qatar, which took place in Hyderabad, India in 2017, Kuwait City in 2018 and Samchecok, South Korea in 2019.

The Most Consistent Teams In The Asian Club Championship

South Korea is more of a football nation, while India is mad about cricket, so it makes sense that Qatar are a smart team to place bets on in the 2020 tournament. El-Jaish and Lekhwiya were amalgamated in 2017 to become Al-Duhail, which is why you cannot see either of those teams represented when you scan the betting odds. It is worth considering whether Al-Duhail will dominate handball in the decade to come, as they may be able to afford the best players and attract fine foreign talent to Qatar.

Asian Club Championship Betting & Odds

When you place a bet on a handball game, you may wish to consider the total points scored in the game, or predict the scoreline. Top scorer or assist maker is also a key online betting metric, as are any points by individual players in the starting lineup.

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