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Friendly International Handball

Friendly International Handball betting guide

Friendly International Handball Games Betting Tips

A friendly international gives handball teams a chance to experiment in a non-competitive environment, giving debuts to younger players and trying out new offensive and defensive tactics. This is especially useful before a world or continental championship.

It thus enables teams from Asia to compete against those from Europe to gain huge experience, though at the moment Europe is very much the stronger continent. When it comes to betting, upsets can happen because handball is played at such a frantic pace, with the ball zipping from one end of the court to the other like a basketball does in an NBA game. Study the odds to see if they are in your favour.

Recent Friendly International Matches

To look at recent friendly internationals, some of them were closer than you would imagine them to be. There were only three goals in the match where Sweden beat Egypt 27-24, and Germany beat Austria by only four goals when they met (32-28).

North Macedonia are one of the leading handball nations, but they sneaked a 25-24 win against Montenegro. Tunisia were able to defeat the Netherlands 30-29, while Qatar triumphed 30-27 over Bosnia & Herzegovina. This is a sport played on fine margins, which makes betting on handball incredibly exciting.

In 2019 several friendly internationals took place: Spain B trounced UAE 32-15 but found Argentina a staunch opposition (29-25); Poland B beat Algeria 33-26; North Macedonia pipped Georgia by one goal 29-28. Sweden and Iceland played each other twice: in October Iceland won 27-26, while in December the Swedes won 35-31. You can see how close these games are, so the odds on certain teams winning are not as short as they could be.

Top International Teams and Matches

It is interesting to look at which sides are the world’s best handball teams when considering your bets. Germany sit on top of the rankings, ahead of Russia, Denmark and Hungary. The last World Championship was won by Denmark, who beat Norway 31-22. Norway were also beaten finalists in 2017, when France regained the trophy having won it in 2015. Norway is odds-on to do well in their friendlies.

Top Players To Watch

France has some of the best players in the world. The likes of Michael Guigou, Nikola Karabatic and Cedric Sorhaindo are parts of the recent dynasty, while Thierry Omeyer is the proud owner of five World Championship gold medals. For this reason, it would be imprudent not to consider betting on France in any of their friendly internationals.

Norway finished third in the recent European Championships with a team including superstar Sander Sagosen, who is closing in on 500 goals for his country, and wing players Magnus Jondal and Kristian Bjornsen (the team captain). Between them the pair have scored 1000 goals for Norway.

Why Bet On International Handball Games

EagleBet has listed a couple of trustworthy online bookmakers that allows fans of handball the opportunity to place online bets on friendly international matches, even though they are non-competitive.

The big nations usually have short odds placed against them but betting on the likes of Slovenia, Egypt, Hungary, Iceland and Portugal may be winning bets.

Qatar is one of the best non-European countries and, with the state’s investment into sports including football and handball, it would be prudent to watch them in the coming friendly internationals.
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