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Germany Handball-Bundesliga

Germany Handball-Bundesliga Betting Tips

Germany Handball-Bundesliga Betting Tips

Outside of football, and perhaps basketball, the sport of handball is perhaps one of the most popular activities played and wagered by sports betting fans and Germany’s Handball-Bundesliga competition is arguably one of the best within the professional sport as it continues to go from strength to strength, with the amounts of competitive action available.

EagleBet trusted online bookmakers provide the best Germany Bundesliga betting odds and handball markets available for those that are looking to bet on the action, whilst they also continue to provide a faultless user experience that can only help improve those betting experiences witnessed.

History Of The German Handball League

As EagleBet sports specialists state, the German Handball-Bundesliga competition has been in existence for over 50 years, and continues to go from strength to strength with a number of top teams taking part in the league.

The handball professional division usually consists of a total of 18 teams. Each team will play 34 matches across a traditional season with each team being played against twice, once at home and once whilst on the road, and you can take part of the action by betting with EagleBet.

The Handball-Bundesliga champion will be determined as the team who obtained the most points overall, whilst the top two teams will qualify for the handball Champions League. The German handball squads that finish third, fourth and fifth will also qualify for European competition. Therefore, leaving the German handball league as competitive as possible and ideal for EagleBet sports betting fans.

In addition, the two teams that finished bottom of the 1. Bundesliga handball league will be relegated to the 2. Handball-Bundesliga, thus ensuring each game is as competitive as can be, and has a meaning to it.

Best Handball-Bundesliga Teams And Players To Bet On

The most prolific teams that have competed in the Germany handball league over the years are: THW Kiel and VfL Gummersbach have both proven to be incredibly successful throughout the history of the German handball main division, although there have been other sides that have competed with them in more recent years.

Indeed, handball remains incredibly popular across Europe, and with the 1. Handball-Bundesliga perhaps one of the best in the world, it has continued to attract some of the best European handball players that are currently playing in the sport making it perfect for bettors.

German Handball-Bundesliga Betting Odds

Our trusted online sportsbooks provide bettors with some of the best German handball league odds and betting markets as they remain completely competitive with many other online sportsbooks that are available.

Whether it be a bet placed prior to a contest taking place, or by punters looking to make the most of some in-play live betting action, EagleBet visitors who are using our partners’ services will be able to find some of the best and most diverse markets available in the betting circuit.

Betting On The German Handball-Bundesliga

Many bettors who have already visited EagleBet to find the best betting tips for the German handball League are already enjoying some of the best online betting bonuses that can be found.

Although this can be down to the betting opportunities that have been provided by the best online sportsbooks, it can also be because of the user experience that they can experience whilst using their services.

For example, Bet365 provides a faultless service and one that can be used extremely easily and accessed anywhere in the world, whenever you wish, which is rather handy when a 1. Handball-Bundesliga match is taking place.

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