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Icelandic Úrvalsdeild Karla

Icelandic Úrvalsdeild Karla betting tips

Icelandic Úrvalsdeild Karla Betting Tips

The Úrvalsdeild karla, translated as the men’s Premier League, is the highest professional handball league in Iceland. It is one of the oldest handball championships in the world, being established in 1939.

The league has 12 teams, with each team playing the other 11 twice, once at home and once away. As with other leagues, there is a playoff at the end of the regular league season to determine the champions, giving sports betting fans the opportunity to back a team to upset the odds.

Icelandic Handball League Winners History

The most successful side, by a long margin, is Valur, who have won the league 22 times. However, they are not the defending champions, with the 2018-19 season seeing a side win the Urvalsdeild for the first time, in Selfoss. Valur’s last win came in 2017, with IBV Vestmannaeyjar having won in 2018.

FH are the next most successful team, with 16 title wins, while Haukar, who are third on the list with 11 wins, hold the world record for the longest gap between two national league wins, with a 57-year gap between their first win in 1943, and their next, which came in 2000. Haukar dominated the 2000s, though, as they won seven titles, and have also won three more since then, in 2010, 2015, and 2016.

Valur have only won two Urvalsdeild titles in this millennium – in 2007 and 2017, while the rest of their 22 championships have been won across multiple decades, right from the inception of the league in the 1940s up until the 1990s. This shows that the league has become much more competitive in the last couple of decades, with many new teams picking up championships and the traditional heavyweight sides not being the most dominant ones.

This is good news for betting fans, as sports betting websites such as EagleBet partners are able to offer good online betting odds on smaller teams to do well, based on the recent performances in the league.

Úrvalsdeild Karla Championship Decision

As mentioned earlier, there is a playoff stage after the regular season in the Urvalsdeild, with the top eight sides going into a best-of-three series in the quarter-finals, and then a best-of-five series in the semi-finals and final, to arrive at the winning team.

There is no relegation playoff, however, with the two bottom-placed sides being demoted to the 1. deild karla, which is the second division, and two teams being promoted from there to take their place.

Why Bet On the Icelandic Handball League

This playoff system gives the opportunity for fans to back dark horses and somewhat smaller sides, as they would have better-paying odds, and the playoffs theoretically allow the eighth-placed side to go on and win the tournament outright.

It is not always the team which finishes on top in the league season which wins the tournament – Selfoss came third in the league last year, but were crowned champions after winning the playoffs.

All this adds up to an exciting, unpredictable league, especially as there has been a spate of teams winning titles for the first time in recent years, and thus the Urvalsdeild makes for an attractive opportunity for sports betting fans, with some excellent value to be found in Urvalsdeild karla betting odds online.

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