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Swedish Handbollsligan

Swedish Handbollsligan Betting Tips

Swedish Handbollsligan Betting Tips

The Handbollsligan is the top division of men’s handball in Sweden. It has been in existence since 1931, running from September to May, and consists of 14 teams. The 2018/19 competition was won by IK Savehof, who despite finishing seventh in the league, beat fourth-placed Alingsas 3-2 in the play-off final to lift the sixth Handbollsligan title in their history.

The unpredictability of the play-off format which, as Savehof demonstrated, can see teams defy the odds, is a key reason for the popularity of Handbollsligan betting and one of the most inviting reasons to bet on the sport.

Swedish Men’s Handball League Format

The fourteen teams are divided into two groups of 7: each side plays the other sides in their group once, before both leagues are amalgamated into one fourteen team tournament. These sides play each other twice, once each home and away, in a double round robin format, before advancing to playoffs depending on their final position at the end of these 32 fixtures.

The top eight placed sides qualify for the winners play-offs, which consist of a quarter-final, semi-final and a final. The winner of these play-offs is both declared national champion and also gains entry to the prestigious EHF Champions League, which contains the best sides from all over Europe.

The runner-up qualifies to the EHF cup, the second tier European competition. These are massive incentives for any club, and this results in an extremely competitive league which is attractive to many online betting, due to its great quality and unpredictability, elements only enhanced by fantastic odds.

The league’s bottom side are automatically relegated to the second tier of Swedish Handball, the Allsvenskan. A further three clubs, those who finished between 11th and 13th, play a relegation play off against the clubs ranked 2nd to 4th in the Allsvenskan, in order to decide who will remain in the league.

The pitting of these similarly rated sides means that there are great odds if a winner can be picked, with Eaglebet’s top betting bonus increasing the value of these odds even further.

Top Swedish Handball Teams

IFK Kristianstad

IFK Kristianstad are one of the best teams in the division, both currently and historically. The club have won the Swedish handball national championships a total of eight times since their foundation in 1899. More recently, they were declared champions four times in a row between 2014 and 2018, and sat comfortably in the play-off positions before the 2019/20 season was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst they may have lost the air of invincibility which surrounded them previously, they remain a safe bet to do well in the competition.

Alingsas HK

Another side who have experienced success recently are Alingsas HK. FInishing fourth in the 2018/19 league table, they reached the final of the play-offs, beating the then reigning champions IFK Kristianstad in the process, before losing to IK Savehof. In the 2019/20 standings, Alingsas sat atop the league before its postponement, having won 23 of their 31 matches. They have experience of winning the competition too, being declared national champions in the 2013-14 season. Definitely a side worth keeping an eye on.

Why You Should Bet On The Swedish Handbollsligan

Eaglebet offers fantastic bonus deals to use on many different bookmakers that have Handball betting available, including match result, total goals and handicap betting.

At Eaglebet there is great value to be found across the site in the form of bonuses, as well as betting tips which make online betting even more rewarding. With so much competition and unpredictability not just in the league but also in the playoffs, the Swedish Handbollsligan is a great option for online betting.

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