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Alps Hockey League

Alps Hockey League Betting Tips

Alps Hockey League Betting Tips

Founded in 2016, the Alps Hockey League is contested by teams from Austria (nine), Italy (seven) and Slovenia (two). The boon for each nation is that foreign players are limited; each roster must have four or fewer players who are not from their home nation. Thus Austrian teams can have two Italians and two Slovenians, or Italian teams can have two Slovenians and two Austrians in their roster.

Alps Hockey League Key Players And Teams

Teams from Austria in the Alps Hockey League include Kitzbuehel, Red Bill Salzburg’s Under 20s and Vienna Capitals (Silver). Olimpija, based in Ljubljana in Slovenia, won the 2018/19 tournament, following the Italian teams Ritten Sport and Asiago, who both competed in the first two finals. Asiago won the 2017/18 series four games to three in a best-of-seven series.

Looking at the statistics from the complete 2018/19 season, there were some stellar performances from several players whose form and historical success should be considered when you scan the betting odds for each game.

Oliver Nordberg

Swedish player Oliver Nordberg of Red Bull Salsburg scored 31 goals and made 50 assists to give him a total of 81. He scores all types of goals: mazy dribbles, pokes into the goal from close range and long-range shots which are so quick that the goalkeeper’s reactions are slower than a snail’s. Any young hockey players can do no worse than watch Nordberg’s stellar highlight reel.

Marc-Olivier Vallerant

EHC Lusternau’s Marc-Olivier Vallerant also performed nobly, with 37 goals and 33 assists; not far behind in the goalscoring charts on 35 were both Christopher D’Alvise (a Lustenau team-mate of Vallerant’s) and Markus Gander of Pustertal. There are so many talented players in the Alps Hockey League that it seems unfair to only pick the ones who have scored the most goals, but it is the scoring charts that often attract people betting on the league.

Colin Furlong

One player worthy of note is Colin Furlong of Pustertal Wolfe, a goaltender who saved 93 of every 100 shots he faced last season. Goaltenders’ contributions cannot be measured by goals or assists, so when betting and scanning the odds it would be sensible to notice the fine men between the posts. Unfortunately the 2019/20 season was cancelled, though you ought to be aware when the 2020/21 season returns.

The Alps Hockey League Betting And Odds

Scan the betting odds on EagleBet’s online sports betting partners and you might wish to bet on the number of powerplay goals in a game. You may wish to place an online bet on the league’s top scorer, or the top assists maker, or the player who sat in the sin bin for the longest time during a game or a season.

Other potential online betting topics include teams to finish in the top half of the table, or in the bottom half of the table. You might wish to browse the betting odds on which goaltender has the most shutouts in a season, or the most short-handed assists. There are so many ways to bet on the Alps Hockey League, an exciting ice hockey league where anything can happen.
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