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Belarusian Extraleague

Belarusian Extraleague betting tips

Belarusian Extraleague Betting Tips

The Belarusian Extraleague, which is also known as the Belarusian Open Championship, is the top-tier of ice-hockey in Belarus. The status of the league did constantly change from open to closed over the years, but the league was formed officially in 2006 to make it what it is today. Because of the league being new, there is immense potential to earn betting rewards.

With that in mind, EagleBet partners offer some great odds in Belarusian Extraleague betting.

Belarusian Extraleague History

While it was originally founded in 1992 and the first season to be played was the 1992-93 season, the current format began to be followed in 2006 itself. In the 2008-09 season, the Extraleague and the Belarusian Premier League were decided to be opened instead of being closed membership leagues.

In the 2018-19 season, another new change took place in the Extraleague. Before that, the league had two different divisions- Extraleague A and Extraleague B, but they got merged from the 2018-19 season onwards. This constant change of format does make the Extraleague a very intriguing league to understand, but it just increases the interest of the bettors who would love to avail betting odds in it.

Extraleague Format and Structure

A total of 17 teams play in the Extraleague currently. The Extraleague A had nine teams, while Extraleague B had eight teams. Since this is an open league, age-groups don’t really matter and all the age-groups play together in the same division.

The Belarus U18 and the Belarus U20s teams have been taking part in the league for a while now and this is another reason that should fascinate bettors worldwide. This being an open league adds more potential for betting and availing better odds for the same.

Belarusian Extraleague Top Teams

Neman Grodno had won the Extraleague Championship in the 2016-17 and the 2017-18 season, but Yunost Minsk had won the crown the highest number of times in the league’s history- eight. They also are the most recent champions of the Extraleague and won the title in the 2018-19 campaign.

Not just that, but they have also won the 2019-20 Extraleague title already. The Belarusian capital club had finished second in the league, but they had gone onto win the play-off stage by beating Soligorsk by a 4-1 scoreline in the final. Their recent dominance makes Yunost Minsk a very profitable bet for bettors and we have listed some of the very best bookies who offer some great deals in this regard.

Minsk’s dominance is captured by how they are the only team in the league’s history to have won the title three times in a row on two occasions. They won the title in the 2008-09, 2009-10 and the 2010-11 season. Not just that, they achieved this feat on a consecutive basis in the 2003-04 season, the 2004-05 season and the 2005-06 campaign.

Grodno has also won the title a total of seven times. They haven’t won the title in three consecutive campaigns either, but they have won it two times in a row three times. Apart from Yunost Minsk, there are three other clubs from the same city, but they haven’t enjoyed as much success in the league so far.

Betting On Extraleague

EagleBet is sure to have great betting tips today for ice hockey leagues like the Belarusian Extraleague. Not just that, but EagleBet partners lead the industry for offering some lucrative odds in many sports leagues around the world.

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