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Russian MHL

Russian MHL betting guide

MHL Hockey League Betting Tips

The MHL is a junior hockey league across four countries – China, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Russia, which was established in 2009. Russia makes up the bulk of the league, with 29 of the 33 teams in the league.

The MHL serves as a feeder league for teams in the professional ice hockey leagues, the KHL and the VHL. As a result, there is an age restriction whereby players older than 20 years of age cannot be fielded in the MHL.

The winners of the MHL are awarded the Kharlamov Cup, named after Valeri Kharlamov, widely considered to be one of the best ice hockey players of all time. Given the popularity of the tournament, it is no surprise that it is also one of the competitions which register the most number of bets in Russia, with betting agencies providing odds for all the matches as well as the playoffs, both at physical shops and on online betting websites.

MHK All-Star Games

The MHL has also seen an All-Star Game being organized at times, with the league divided into the Eastern Conference and Western Conference before a match is played between the two sides. In terms of the format, there is a 16-team playoff at the end of the regular season to decide the winner of the championship and thereby the Kharlamov Cup. Each of the ties is a best-of-five series, including the final.

MHL Hockey League Format And Structure

The MHL has seen numerous changes throughout its existence, with the number of sides increasing and decreasing as junior sides join and leave the tournament for various reasons. The 2013-14 season was the largest yet, with 40 teams taking part, and therefore the league was divided into two conferences with two divisions each. At the same time, there has also been a second-tier junior league established, the MHL-B, to mirror the structure in the KHL.

There is a system of promotion and relegation in place, and EagleBet has listed some of the very best online bookmakers that can get you the best odds on both these leagues and the promotion/relegation battles, with the two bottom teams in the MHL being relegated and the top two teams in the MHL-B being promoted. The format makes it an attractive option for betting, with MHL betting odds being available at a number of online betting websites.

Why Bet On the MHL Hockey League

Loko Yaroslavl are the most successful team, having won three Kharlamov Cups, and are also the most recent champions as well. Due to the number of changes in the composition of the league, there has not been any one team which has dominated the tournament, which has been good for the teams, players and fans. It also helps it be an attractive betting option, as there are very few favourites right at the start, and this gives the chance for someone to upset the odds and thereby for MHL betting fans to be able to back an unknown team and still have a chance to win.

The MHL has also often toured other countries in the form of an MHL Red Stars team.It toured the United States and Canada every year between 2011 and 2014, while also participating in the IIHF U20 Challenge Cup of Asia, with Japan, South Korea, Chinese Taipei and China also participating in this, the U20 version of the IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia.

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