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Russian Short-hockey League

Russian Short-hockey League betting tips

Russian Short-hockey League Betting Tips

Short-hockey, as the word suggests, is a shorter form of ice-hockey that is played on a smaller pitch and with fewer players. The duration of matches and halves is comparatively lower, as compared to the original version of ice-hockey that is popular among many. Because of a smaller surface, short hockey can be classified as a non-contact sport as there is hardly any space or too many teammates to build too much speed.

Despite being a lesser known sport, EagleBet provides a list of the best online bookmakers who hold some great odds on betting in short-hockey. There is also some betting advice for the game available, apart from the betting odds.

Short-Hockey Liga Pro Background

The dynamism and fast-paced nature of the game makes it a rather intriguing game for betting online and otherwise. And the Russian Short Hockey league is known as Liga Pro and it is played at two venues in Russia. And both the venues have different formats and have different teams.

EagleBet partnered up with online bookies that offer some lucrative odds on the Russia Short-hockey league, with the betting for the league already open. Because of it being a lesser known league, Russia Short-hockey betting is feasible too.

Short-Hockey Liga Pro Format And Structure

One takes place in Russia, while the other takes place in the city of Tver. At Tver, there are a total of six teams in the division and they are divided into two leagues. If a team wins in normal time, they get three points. If a team wins in a shootout, they get two points and if they lose in a shootout, they still get a single point. But if teams lose in normal time, they don’t get a single point.

The Moscow tournament is different though. It features only four teams and instead of playing in groups, they play in a mini-tournament among themselves. There is a Night tournament in the league, but the format here is a little different, having them playing in two semi-finals, before the winners go onto play the finals.The Tver format, however, sees teams earn points per game and the team that is at the top is crowned the champion.

Each team in short hockey has just four skaters and one goalie. On the bench, teams have two skaters and one goalkeeper as the substitute. And like ice-hockey, teams can make free substitutions and because of a smaller surface, games are usually high scoring ones.

Liga Pro 2020 Season

The most recent season in the Tver Liga Pro did see some games get canceled but they are now back up and running. The tournaments take place throughout the day and in 2020, over a hundred games have already been played because of that. Since the games are shorter and require less effort, games can take place in a quicker and a more efficient manner. This makes the odds in Tver Liga Pro much more dynamic than other sports leagues.

Why Bet On The Liga Pro

Since short hockey Liga Pro games are back and running, bettors and fans can look forward to some action from the league. Since games come thick and fast and are in a big number, Liga Pro allows a big number of bettors to make profits.

EagleBet offers some great value on many things in the Liga Pro short hockey. This includes betting tips for top players and teams. Not just the Liga Pro, EagleBet partners are a great option for odds if bettors want to bet on some of the biggest and the most popular sports leagues in the world.

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