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Swedish Hockey League

Swedish Hockey League betting tips

Swedish Hockey League Betting Markets And Odds

Also known officially as the SHL, it is the elite Ice Hockey League that is played in Sweden, and consists of a number of the best ice hockey clubs and players available in the country..

We provide bettors with a number of bonuses to boost their odds when placing a wager on the SHL action, or betting tips to help you pick the many of the markets and betting odds available being as competitive as possible.

History Of The Swedish SHL Ice Hockey League

Our sports betting specialists research found that the SHL was initially founded in 1975, and was immediately brought into effect from the 1975/76 season. Whilst the first couple of seasons featured just 10 ice hockey teams, this has expanded, with a number of 14 total teams playing in the competition nowadays.

Each regular season game of the Swedish Hockey League features three 20 minute periods with each team having to play a total of 32 games in each regular season. Those who finish in the highest six positions will qualify for the playoffs, which are the favorites for betting on.

The teams that finished between seventh and 10th will also play in a best of three series, as they battle for the two remaining playoff spots. The two ice hockey squads to finish in the lowest positions in the SHL will need to go through a process in which if they fail to win a number of playoff games, they will then be relegated.

Top Teams And Players Of The SHL To Bet On

Unlike many other ice hockey competitions around the world, the Swedish Hockey League features two potential winners each season, with one being crowned the regular season winner and the other being crowned the SHL playoff winner, and you can bet on this outright.

Of course, one team can potentially win both, however there are occasions where two separate teams are crowned champions. Swedish ice hockey teams that have proven to be successful in the division include the likes of Färjestad BK and Skelleftea AIK, which are worth betting on.

There have been a number of notable Scandinavian ice hockey players with many having earned global recognition for their skills. There have been multiple players who have scored over 500 points within the SHL, like Fredrik Bremberg (581 points), Johan Davidsson (561), Jörgen Jönsson (535), Jan Larsson (527) and Anders Carlsson (526) each having managed to surpass that figure.

Swedish Hockey League Betting Odds

With the SHL being one of the most popular ice hockey leagues across the world, it is no surprise that EagleBet partners strive to provide ice hockey bettors with some of the most competitive betting odds and most diverse SHL markets available.

As Sweden’s Hockey division has competitive teams with different strengths and sizes with amazing ice hockey players that they all put out on the ice rink, it’s not surprising that odds just remain highly competitive.

SHL Ice Hockey Betting Markets

Whether bettors are looking to place a bet before the match starts, and on a potential outcome, such as the final result or the total number of goals, or if they use our partner’s live in-play betting options that are available, they will certainly find something that they can make the most of.

Betting On The Swedish Ice Hockey League

EagleBet provides bettors with some of the best online betting resources possible as many are using the mobile services that are available.

Find our sports betting tips today to help you betting wisely on the Swedish Hockey League from wherever you are.

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