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Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan

Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan betting guide

Betting On The HockeyAllsvenskan

HockeyAllsvenskan is a tier of ice-hockey in Sweden. It comes second in the Swedish ice-hockey pyramid and falls below the Swedish Hockey League of the SHL in that regard. The HockeyAllsvenskan was founded in 2005 and while it is a rather newer division, it has seen a fair-share of changes in the format in a fairly limited period of time.

This makes it a rather interesting betting source and some great odds for HockeyAllsvenskan betting can be viewed on EagleBet trusted sports betting partners.

HockeyAllsvenskan History

Swedish ice-hockey history is filled with constant name-changes and format changes, which led to a regular change in how the divisions looked. Back in 1948, Allsvenskan was the name given to the semi-professional league, but overtime, the name has stuck up and became the second division only in 2005.

It was in the 2005-06 season itself that the format changed, as the Allsvenskan began having a total of 16 teams and later, the number was reduced to the 14 that it has today.

Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan Format

The league follows a round-robin format that sees all the 14 teams in the division play against each other home and away. After they’ve played each other twice in the season, the top two teams in the league table play each other in the HockeyAllsvenskan final in a best of five format.

The teams that finish from the third to the eighth position play what is called the HockeyAllsvenskan Slutspelsserie. In this, these teams play in a mini round-robin format tournament. But teams from third to fifth have three,two and one point extra each because of their superior positions in the original league table. Because of that advantage, they also play one home game more than those below them.

Whoever wins the best of seven final though, gets a shot of promotion. They get to play the team that finishes 14th in the SHL. The team that had lost the HockeyAllsvenskan final plays against the winner of the HockeyAllsvenskan Slutspelsserie. The winner of that gets the golden chance for promotion and faces the team that finishes 13th in the SHL.

The relegation system is followed in the Allsvenskan. The teams that finish bottom two play the top four teams in the third division to determine their place in the second-division. This rather interesting format makes the Allsvenskan a rather interesting bet for betters.

The number of climaxes games and finals can reach is immense, making it very intriguing for fans and betting experts alike. The betting odds are dynamic, because of the fast-paced nature.

HockeyAllsvenskan Key Teams

IF Björklöven won the HockeyAllsvenskan in the 2019-20 season and they also had the highest average attendance in the 2019-20 season. They won the league by finishing with 121 points and finishing ten points ahead of second-placed Modo Hockey. They gained promotion to the first division too and they also broke the league’s record for the highest number of points in a single season. The prior record stood at 109. That record was set by AIK in the 2018-19 season itself.

Bet On HockeyAllsvenskan

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