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Formula 1

Formula One betting guide

Formula One Betting Tips

It’s one of the biggest automotive sports currently available on the greatest sports betting sites listed at EagleBet. The motorsport continues to attract millions of people from all corners of the globe, as many get excited for the high octane thrill that this sport provides them.

Furthermore, with EagleBet, you can stay up to date with all the best, competitive F1 markets and betting tips that are available as the Formula One receives the attention our bettors deserve.

History Of The Formula 1

According to EagleBet sports betting specialists research, the first season of the F1 happened in 1950, however it has since gone from strength to strength with a number of big teams, and the best racing drivers who have participated in recent years.

Each Formula One season will consist of 20 different drivers for each of the 10 teams that compete with races taking place around the world. There are races that take place in the Middle East, Europe, South America, and North America, thus making it a truly incredible speed racing spectacle each time it hits the circuit on a Sunday.

Do People Bet On Formula One?

The auto racing sport is incredibly popular, and the addition of new F1 races on a regular basis further highlights just how popular it is. Despite this, bettors will always be able to find the most competitive F1 odds and best markets that are available for Formula One when they choose to use our partners for all their online betting needs.

Best Teams And Drivers To Bet On

Of course, there have been a number of world-class team constructors and drivers to take part in Formula One over the years it has been in existence, which is only further highlighted by just how competitive and how strong the Formula One competition is.

The best drivers ever include: Stirling Moss, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher and Max Verstappen whilst many of them have raced for teams such as McLaren, Ferrari, and Red Bull Racing in the past.

With a number of these F1 drivers continuing to appear on the grid, and often in a pole position, there is every reason why motorsports betting enthusiasts continue to look at the Formula One automotive racing championships as one of the best to place a bet.

Formula 1 Odds & Betting Markets

Regardless of where the race is taking place, or what season the Formula One finds itself in, EagleBet will keep providing bettors with a digest of the best and most competitive bookmakers that can offer profitable odds and markets available with motor racing sports betting enthusiasts unable to receive this experience anywhere else.

Whether it be predicting who will come out on top, or how many pit stops will be made, Formula One bettors will find the market that will suit them.

Why Bet On The F1 With EagleBet Bonuses?

Our trusted online sportsbooks provide motorsports bettors with some of the best in-play betting and other automotive sports betting on a wide range of events, thus helping to provide one of the best betting experiences that can be had online.

By providing a user-friendly interface, they are some of the best as they attract fans during the whole season.

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