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Four Hills Tournament

Four Hills Tournament Betting Tips

The Four Hills Tournament, which is sometimes known as the German-Austrian ski jumping week, takes place at the end of each year and is composed of four World Cup events that will take place within Germany and Austria.

The skiing competition is incredibly popular with winter sports enthusiasts, whilst many sports betting enthusiasts have taken a liking to it as well, especially when they find out that EagleBet trusted online sportsbooks will continue to provide them with the best odds and competitive markets where possible.

History Of The Four Hills Skiing Tournament

As mentioned, the Four Hills Tournament is a competition that features some of the best ski jumpers around with 50 different competitors all taking part, and where you can participate after claiming our betting offers.

The Four Hills Tournament follows a knockout system, with all 25 winners of the heats, as well as the best five losing ski jumpers being able to qualify for the second round. From there on, the action only continues to get competitive with the Four World Cup events taking place before an overall winner is confirmed.

Although the skiing competition was initially started in 1953, the knockout system has only come into effect since the 1996/97 season.

The Best Ski Jumpers Of Four Hills Tournament

There have been a number of ski jumpers who have proven successful in the Four Hills competition, with Finland jumper Janne Ahonen the most successful so far, having managed to achieve five overall victories in this Four Hills Tournament sporting event, unfortunately you can no longer bet on him as he already retired back in 2018.

He was closely followed by Jens Weissflog who managed to achieve a total of four victories during his ski jumping days. No one else has managed to get quite as close as those in more recent times, although Kamil Stoch is one of the best competitors who have recently taken to the ski jumping tournament.

He could well be one person to be watched closely by those looking to achieve the best ski jumping odds and most competitive betting markets when using the best sports betting platform for all their Four Hills Tournament betting needs.

However, with so many of the top ski jumpers from around the world all taking part in the Four Hills Tournament, there are a plethora of betting opportunities available to members who believe that it might just be someone else’s turn to win the competition this time around.

Four Hills Betting Odds

With the Four Hills Tournament being as prestigious as ever before, it is only right the EagleBet sports betting specialists keep providing bettors with a list of trustworthy and best betting sites capable of offering some of the best and most competitive ski jumping betting odds and markets available in the industry.

We know EagleBet ski jumping fans have managed to find this as easy as possible, because they understand just why so many people are interested in betting on the action that takes place on the ski slopes.

Top Place For Betting On The Four Hills Skiing Tournament

Furthermore, EagleBet provides punters with some top class sports betting tips for the most diverse ski betting markets, which only helps to further enhance the online betting experiences felt when using our tips.

Plus, EagleBet betting bonus offers will only make it more obvious that we are the number one place for bettors who are looking to place wager on Skiing sports.

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