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ATP Cup betting guide

ATP Cup Betting Tips

One of the latest additions to the tennis circuit, the ATP Cup is a brand new tournament for fans of tennis and fans of betting to watch some of the world’s top players battle it out for their nations, in an attempt to be crowned champions.

ATP Cup Betting is one for all kinds of sports fans, and EagleBet are there to provide you with some of the most competitive betting tips for a wide range of key markets.

ATP Cup Background

Tennis is considered by many to be a purely individual sport, with the nations that each player represents not really important, apart from at the Olympics or in the Davis Cup. The ATP tour used to have a team competition for many years; the ATP Team World Cup, held in Düsseldorf between 1978 and 2012. The powers that be decided after eight years away, it was time for a team competition to be reintroduced to the circuit, and with that the ATP Cup was born.

Structure And Format Of The ATP Cup

Held in January before the beginning of the Australian Open, the tournament saw 24 teams divided into six groups of four teams. Qualification was based on the singles ranking of the top players from each nation, meaning online bettors would recognise a number of the high ranking players participating, and would be able to understand the odds clearly for each country.

What makes it an intriguing watch for fans and online bettors alike is that the tournament is a mix of singles and doubles matches, which is not seen that frequently in the tennis calendar. This means that smaller nations who might not have a big star could still achieve success if they had a strong doubles pairing. This means the odds on a certain nation could be stronger than expected, giving some dark horses a stronger chance of winning when facing traditionally stronger countries. Definitely something for customers keen on ATP Cup Betting to watch out for.

The four nations to make it to the semifinals in the inaugural edition of the ATP Cup were Russia, Spain, Serbia and the host nation, Australia. In the first semifinal, Spain were able to overcome the Aussies in a 3-0 whitewash. Their star man was of course Rafael Nadal, an online bettor’s favourite having won 19 grand slams over his glittering career. The odds were on Serbia to make it to the final, and that they did, defeating Russia thanks to their star, Novak Djokovic.

Why You Should Bet On The ATP Cup?

With the first singles match a victory for Spain, and the doubles match a Serbian win, it meant the game came down to the final between the superstars Nadal and Djokovic. The odds would’ve been close for this epic encounter, but it was Djokovic who came out on top, with a straight sets victory.

EagleBet will continue to seal partnerships with online bookmakers who have high odds and profitable markets to its customers in the next edition of the ATP Cup, plus a wide range of other bigger and smaller tennis tournaments throughout the year. Want to get into betting on tennis, then look no further than EagleBet top betting sites page.

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