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ITF M15 Cancun

ITF M15 Cancun betting tips

ITF M15 Cancun Betting Tips

The ITF M15 Cancun may not be one of the most renowned tennis tournaments, but it always attracts fans and betters. It is played at the start of every year and forms a crucial part of the whole ITF, offering a chance for betting with a wide range of odds.

ITF M15 Cancun Format And Structure

The most recent edition was played in 2020 itself and as always, the competition starts from the first round and ends with the grand final in Cancun, Mexico and so are the other matches. Every year, the competition follows the same format and starts in January with the winner taking home a cash prize of $15000.

All the games are played out at the Cancun tennis courts in Mexico and usually, all the rounds are played out within the space of a week. Apart from the men and women, there is a draw for the mixed doubles players as well. In that way, the tournament is played out around three times in a month from January onwards and is played on a year-round basis.

M15 Cancun Background And Top Players

The first tournament of 2020 began on the 13th of January and followed the same methods. It saw Italy’s Alessandro Bega take on Benedikt Henning in the first game of the year. Bega won that match and went on to win the quarter-finals by beating England’s David Fox. He beat Australia’s Brandon Walkin in the semi-finals by a score of 7-5, 6-2. The Italian eventually won the tournament by beating Brazil’s Mateus Alves in straight sets on the 18th of January.

In the doubles tournament though, Bega was paired up with another Brazilian in Jose Pereira but was knocked out in the semi-finals by eventual winners Nicholas Arreche and Spain’s David Perez Sanz.

The next edition began on the 20th of January and it saw young Argentine Alejo Lorenzo Lingua Lavall enter the tournament through the junior reserved category and go as far as the final of the competition. He eventually lost to compatriot Manuel Pena Lopez, who was a much more seasoned and established competitor. It is the randomness of this tournament that makes it very interesting for those looking to avail some great odds around the globe.

The last edition of the tournament before multiple cancellations began on the 9th of March 2020. But it couldn’t be played beyond the quarter-finals, while the doubles matches stopped at the semi-finals of the competition.

Why Bet On ITF M15 Cancun?

It is the combination of players from multiple backgrounds that makes this a tournament enjoyable. While they are more likely to win, there are players like Lavall himself that come out of nowhere and make an impact. Odds pertaining to many players can be availed at very good rates for ITF M15 Cancun betting.

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