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ITF W15 Antalya

ITF W15 Antalya betting tips

ITF W15 Antalya Betting Tips

Women’s tennis is filled to the brim with multiple tournaments and competitions that help the players, fans and the bettors alike. While the ITF W15 Antalya may not be the most well-known of these tournaments, it helps upcoming stars make a mark and use that as a catapult.

Not just that, but the tournament proves to be a very lucrative one of bettors and for betting online. EagleBet has built partnerships with online bookmakers who offer many great odds on ITF W15 Antalya betting. Bettors can avail these odds from our best betting sites page.

ITF W15 Antalya Format And Structure

The tournament is played throughout every year and has different types of entrants competing in it. It has the singles’ division and the doubles division and all the matches are played at one venue but at the different courts in Antalya, Turkey. It is played out in one week before the next edition begins on a Monday and ends at the end of that very week. Since various tournaments are held through months and weeks, this allows those interested in betting to redeem odds regularly.

The progression of the tournament starts from the first round and goes on till the final. The winner of the tournament bags $15000 and all the matches are played on an outdoor clay court. After the second round, the quarter-final is played followed by the semi-final and the final at the end of the week.

W15 Antalya 2020 Season

This year’s first W15 Antalya tournament began on the 6th of January and ended with the final on the 12th of January. The first game saw Turkey’s very own Ipez Oz take on Italy’s Costanza Travesi. The Turk won by a convincing 6-0, 6-2 scoreline, making her way into the second-round, where she had to retire and allow Russia’s Anastasia Kovaleva to progress despite leading 2-1.

Kovaleva was ousted by her compatriot Anna Ureke in the quarter-final and she could win only three games in a convincing 6-1, 6-2 loss. Ureke couldn’t go too far, as Turkey’s Zynep Sonmez won in the semifinals. Despite being a wild-card entrant, Sonmez beat direct acceptance entrant Sapfo Sakellaridi in the final. The game was tied on one set each, but the Turk won the final set by a 6-3 scoreline to record a rather surprise win.

The last tournament before games were suspended began on the 9th of March, starting with Macedonia’s Lina Gjorcheska locking horns with Belgian Luna Meers, who could win just a single game in the match and lost 6-1, 6-0. Gjorcheska, who was a wild-card entrant like Sonmez herself, managed to overcome Russia’s Ektarina Vishnevkaya in the second-round, sealing a spot for herself in the quarters. While she was supposed to face another Russian in Taisya Paskaleva, the game couldn’t go on.

Bet On W15 Antalya Using EagleBet Betting Bonuses

But the case of Sonmez makes the W15 Antalya a very intriguing one for everyone, including those into betting. Players from different backgrounds and entrance schemes can enter, making it a very interesting battle. It might not be the biggest tournament of all, but it does offer a fair share of thrills.

EagleBet offers some great betting bonuses that can boost your odds in the bets for the ITF W15 Antalya tournament. Our partners offer a variety of bets, including betting on matches and bets on players with very lucrative odds on all the major tennis tournaments in the world.

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