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ITF W15 Cancun

ITF W15 Cancun betting tips

ITF W15 Cancun Betting Tips

The ITF W15 Cancun is a key competition on the women’s tennis circuit, and is always an interesting and exciting watch for tennis fans and online betters. While it doesn’t always contain the world’s top players, there still is a great number of games to watch, in both the singles and doubles tournaments.

Betting on the ITF W15 Cancun gives bettors a chance to find out about lesser known players, and place bets on a wide variety of tennis markets.

ITF W15 Cancun Format

Hosted in Cancun in Mexico, the W15 is one of the lesser known tennis tournaments. However, the prize money for winning the competition is still a very impressive $15,000. This means there is a lot to play for, and a lot for online betters to place bets on. With fewer household names, it means there are likely to be intriguing odds, and is a good way to get into betting on Tennis.

The tournament welcomes players from all over the planet, from Japan to Italy, the USA to Russia, and the United Kingdom to Colombia. While there are some seeded players who will have slightly better odds, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, as sometimes online betters can be smart and win big by placing bets on a less fancied player with longer odds.

W15 Cancun Background And Top Players

The 2020 edition of the Mexican tournament was held in January, just before the beginning of the Australian Open. This means it is a chance for players lower down in the rankings time to earn valuable points, in a hope to enter the prestigious grand slam event in Melbourne. The semi finals were dominated by the United States; Emma Davis, Joelle Kissell and Sofia Sewing were all representing the nation, while the fourth and final player was Anastasia Sysoeva from Russia.

It was Sewing and Sysoeva who made it to the final, with the American having slightly better odds as she was the 5th seed. The first set was very tight, with Sewing finally breaking her rival’s serve in the eleventh game, to win 7-5.

Clearly this narrow loss had a massive effect on Sysoeva, as the second set was a 6-0 whitewash. Sewing is a name to watch out for EagleBet visitors when online betting on the W15 series.

Why You Should Bet In ITF W15 Cancun

Women’s tennis used to be derided and seen very much as second best when compared to the men’s version of the game. However, this is no longer the case. Great players such as the Williams’ sisters Serena and Venus, Simona Halep and Maria Sharapova have come to the forefront over the last 15 years, and are clearly very special players. Serena Williams in particular has dominated the game like no other, and it is unlikely tennis fans will ever watch someone with her precision, power and pace ever again. While she is nearing the end of her career, Serena will always receive great odds to win any of her matches.

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