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Kazakhstan Women’s Volleyball League

Kazakhstan Women’s Volleyball League betting guide

Kazakhstan Women’s Volleyball League Betting Tips

Kazakhstan has a thriving volleyball scene, with its national teams regularly competing at international tournaments. The men’s national side is currently ranked 39th, while the women’s side is 23rd in the world rankings. These teams are underpinned by a strong domestic volleyball league system, for both men and women.

Kazakhstan Volleyball Background

The women’s team is stronger than the men’s, as seen by the rankings, but also the fact that the women’s team has won medals at the Asian Games and the Asian Cup. The Kazakh women’s volleyball team won bronze at the 2010 Asian Games, while it has won a silver medal and two bronze medals at Asian Cup tournaments.

It also managed to qualify for the 2008 Olympics, but has not made an appearance at an Olympic Games since then. Nevertheless, the Kazakhstan women’s volleyball team remains one of the stronger sides representing Kazakhstan in international sports, and the domestic women’s volleyball league is one of the major reasons behind this.

The league is also an interesting one for online betting fans, with a good chance of decent odds in the Kazakh women’s volleyball league betting odds.

Kazakhstan Women Volley League Format

The Kazakhstan women’s volleyball league has eight teams, while there is also a second division, called the Vysshaya Liga. The teams in the top division are as follows – Zhetsyu, Altay VC, Irtysh Kazchrome, Almaty, Kuanysh, Karaganda, VC Altai-2 and Astana.

Altay VC are one of the most successful clubs in the Kazakh women’s league, having won the title eight times, including five times in a row from 2014 to 2019. Thus, they are the defending champions, and also have Sana Anarkulova, a member of the national side, as their captain.

Altay VC are a good bet to back on EagleBet’s top betting sites if you wish to bet on the Kazakhstan women’s league – not too many betting sites carry odds on the league but some of our partners are among the few who do, and given Altay VC’s record, they are usually the favourites in the online betting odds. It is therefore not surprising that the team is second in this year’s competition as well at the moment, trailing Zhetysu.

Why Bet On Kazakh Women’s League

It seems as if the Kazakh women’s league is dominated by a few teams, as Zhetysu have been runners-up in the past two seasons, and are leading the table at the moment. The team finished third in the 2015-16 season, and were actually the last team to win the title other than Altay, triumphing in the 2013-14 season. Thus, it may be a smart move to back Zhetysu as well in the betting odds, as they seem like the only true challengers to Altay VC’s stranglehold on the Kazakh women’s league.

While not well-known outside the country, the Kazakh women’s volleyball league is quite popular in the country itself, despite one team’s dominance. Altay VC’s run of victories has been spearheaded by their captain, as well as a few other players from the Kazakh national team, and while Zhetsyu have tried to put up a challenge in recent seasons, and are actually leading this season’s standings, Altay are in second place, and it looks it will be an exciting finish to this season as both teams attempt to win the title.

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