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Korean V-League Women

Korean V-League Women betting guide

Korean V League Women Betting Tips

The Korean V League is a South Korean club volleyball competition that is played for both the men and the women players. While the name is usually used for the men’s equivalent, the Korean V League Women is used for the ladies and follows a similar format as the men’s. Both the sectors were founded back in 2005 and things have continued in a similar way since.

Being a much newer league allows for more interesting betting odds. EagleBet has partnered up with the best betting sites who offer some great odds on Korean V League betting and these can be availed from their official websites.

Korean V League Women Format and Structure

The women’s league consists of a total of six clubs competing in it, while the men’s league has seven clubs. While the V League women’s section may not have as many teams, this makes it a very intriguing betting opportunity for betters online.

The format of V League women’s competition is a rather simple one. The six teams that are in the competition play each other in rounds. There are a total of six rounds and in that, teams play each other on two occasions. They play at home once and the next one is played away from home.

This pattern is followed throughout the six rounds. The team that wins the game picks up three points, while losing the game sees the losing team get no points. The regulation volleyball rules apply, as teams can play a total of five sets. The team that wins three sets first wins the game.

V League 2020 Season

The 2019-20 V League season for the women was suspended in March because of the pandemic. But by that time, the league had reached round six and many matches were postponed to a later date.

But once all the games in the league rounds are played, the top four teams progress into the play-offs zone. This leads to the grand final that is played in the standard volleyball format.

Korean V League Top Teams

The V League has seen Incheon win the league the most number of times in history. The 2018-19 campaign saw Incheon win the league once again, as they had finished the regular league season at the top of the table with a total of 62 points. They had displaced Gyeongbuk from the throne, as they had won the title in the 2017-18 season and lost the 2018-19 final to the Incheon side.

The 2019-20 season has Hyundai Greenfox lead the table and they have 55 points on board. GS Caltex are at second, but they are just a single point behind Greenfox and there is a chance of them finishing at the top before the play-offs start. It is going to be an interesting title-race for betters to keep an eye on.

The last game in the league took place on the 1st of March and it saw the top two face off. Greenfox won the game in straight-sets, winning 3-0 to come to the top of the league above Caltex.

Korean V League Women Worths Betting

Apart from the intriguing race to the crown, the V League having a lesser number of teams makes it a very interesting one for betters to deal in because of the amount of odds available. EagleBet partners offer some great odds in betting on V League. Not just that, but these operators are some of the leading brands for betting on many sports leagues in the world.

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