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Korean V-League

Korean V-League betting guide

Korean V-League Betting Tips

The V-League is the premier volleyball league in South Korea, with seven men’s teams and six women’s teams. It was founded in 2005, and there have been 15 completed seasons, with the 2019-20 season having to be suspended due to the coronavirus.

Sports betting fans would like this league, at least the men’s division, as it has been dominated by one team, Samsung Fire, who have won eight titles in 15 seasons. On the women’s side, Heungkuk Life has the most number of titles with four, making it a more equitable distribution.

V-League Background And History of Clubs

However, Samsung Fire have not won the V-League since the 2013-14 season, with OK Savings Bank and Hyundai Capital winning two titles each in that time. In truth, it can be said that Hyundai Capital have been equally dominant, as both Capital and Fire have appeared in 11 finals each.

The difference has been that Samsung Fire has won the V-League eight times in 11 final appearances, while Hyundai Capital have only won four of their 11 finals.
Thus, it is no surprise to see that Samsung Fire are usually ranked as favourites on bookies such as EagleBet’s trusted online bookmakers, even though Hyundai Capital have had a recent run of success.

On the women’s side of the tournament, Heungkuk Life have made seven final appearances, winning four, while the next best team is Hwaseong IBK, who have made it to six finals and won three of them. Daejeon KGC have a 100% finals record, appearing in and winning three finals.

Thus, the title winners have been much more distributed on the women’s side, with two teams on two titles each as well, and this can be seen in the betting odds for the women’s tournament, with all six women’s teams given similar odds at times, making it an attractive opportunity for a sports betting fan if they can back the winning team.

How South Korea V-League Champions Are Nominated

The regular season sees each team play in a round-robin league format, with home and away fixtures against the other teams. At the completion of the league stage, there is a playoff stage, with semifinals and a final to determine the winner of the tournament.

The semi-final is a best-of-three series, while the final is a best-of-five match. The men’s tournament has an additional stage before the semi-final stage, with the third and fourth-placed teams playing a single tie playoff to determine who moves on into the semi-final.

Betting on Korean V-League

While the number of teams in the V-league is low, it is still intensely popular across South Korea, with full stadiums for the league and playoff matches, as well as online, where there are a number of betting platforms carrying odds and thereby allowing South Koreans to try to beat the V-League betting odds on their favourite teams.

Korean V-League 2020 Season

There is usually an All-Star game at the end of the V-League season, but this had to be cancelled due to qualifying events for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Of course, the Olympics were eventually postponed by a year due to the coronavirus. The 2020 season was also cancelled, with the MVP awards being made on the basis of the standings at the time of cancellation.

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