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Russia Men’s Youth League

Russian Men's Youth League betting tips today

Russian Youth League of Volleyball Betting Tips

The Russian Youth League happens to be the breeding ground for young Russian male talents in volleyball. While the Super League is the first tier of the sport in the country, the Youth League helps in budding the talents that go onto play in the Super League in the future years.

There is a different league for the women, but it goes by a similar name and serves the same purpose in the Russian Volleyball circuit.

Because of this being a lesser-known league, there is a high potential for betting and those interested in betting. EagleBet partners offer some great odds for Russian Youth League betting.

The teams that play in the Youth League essentially serve as feeder clubs to the senior teams. They have similar names, but just have the ‘youth’ factor in them, having them qualify for the Youth League instead of the Russian Super League.

The Russian Youth League Format and Structure

The Youth League has a total of 12 teams competing in it and the league follows a round-robin competition format. As normal volleyball rules, a maximum of five sets are played in one game. In this best of five set series, the team that wins three sets first wins the game and picks up three points. The team that loses gets no points and these points are collated into the league table.

Since this isn’t exactly the second division of the whole Russian volleyball circuit, the system of relegation and promotion isn’t followed.But the team that finishes with the highest number of points in the season finishes the campaign as the champion.

All the teams in the division play each other twice- once at home and once away from home. Once all games have been played, the league positions are looked at and the title is handed out on the basis of who is at the top of the table.

The current season of the Youth League played on till the 21st of March, after which games couldn’t be played because of the pandemic. The last game before the suspension of the league saw Lokomotiv Civs lock horns with Kuzbass-2, which saw Lokomotiv come out on top by a 3-0 margin.

Why Bet On The Russian Youth League

The unpredictable nature of this league makes it an interesting one to bet in for betters online and it makes it a very intriguing watch for fans of the game.

Zenit Kazan, who happen to be one of the most successful teams in the Super League, have their Youth League team named as Zenit Kazan Youth. The same process is followed by many other clubs in the Super League and players that impress in the Youth League get a chance to make a mark in the Super League with the senior team.

Current Russian volleyball star Victor Poletaev came through the Zenit Kazan youth before making an impact in the senior side and the national team. That is an example of how the Youth League helps in budding upcoming talents and also allows betters to avail betting rewards and odds online.

Find The Best Betting Odds For The Russian Youth League Of Volleyball

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