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Russian Regional Volleyball

Russian Regional Volleyball betting tips

Russian Regional Volleyball Betting Tips

Volleyball is an extremely popular sport in Russia, even below the Russian Super League, which is the top tier volleyball league. There are a number of regional volleyball leagues in Russia, and almost all of them are also covered by EagleBet for sports betting fans looking for the best betting tips today.

Russian Regional Volleyball Leagues Format and Structure

These leagues may not have the usual structure that we are used to from regular sporting leagues, especially as some of them have as few as two teams. Nevertheless, with some teams playing up to 50 games every season, and thereby playing the other teams four to five times, there are enough matches to form an opinion about the different teams, and therefore to make informed betting choices.

The smaller number of teams makes it quite interesting as well, as the odds are spread across the sides, and there is a good opportunity to pick an underdog and be rewarded if the team upsets the betting odds and goes on a winning run.

The Russian volleyball pyramid goes down to as far as two divisions below the Super League. The third division is the one which is divided into regional championships, with three zones, Europe, Siberia and the Far East. The second division, known as Major League A, is structured in a similar way to the Super League.

This is true for both the men’s and the women’s divisions. Another major competition held in the regional league is the Cup of Siberia and Far East, which, as the name suggests, is only open for teams in those two regions.

However, this includes teams in the Super League as well, so it is strictly a regional competition rather than one limited to the lower divisions. On the women’s side, there is a Cup of Siberia and Far East as well, but that competition has just two teams – Sakhalin W and Yenisey Krasnoyarsk W.

Regional Volleyball Leagues Background and Top Teams

These intricacies and variances make betting on the league interesting, especially if betting is done on the Cup, as more often than not, it will be a team from the Super League which will end up winning the competition, and this will be reflected in the odds.

The Ural Championship is another example of a regional competition in Russian volleyball. This tournament only features teams from the Ural region in Russia, and has five teams at present. Even though there are only five teams, they each play multiple matches against each other – the current season is suspended due to the coronavirus, but teams had played more than 40 matches in the league at the point of suspension. The armed forces are represented, with Air Force Ural and Military Ural teams, along with University Ural, Raiders Ural and Academy Ural.

Does It Worth Betting On The Russian Regional Volleyball?

Again, this structure is mirrored for women’s volleyball as well; however there are only four teams in the women’s Ural Championship – Energy Ural W, Red Fox Ural W, Ural Mountains W, and Ural Stars W. Given that this is a slightly obscure league, one would not expect major betting providers to be offering odds, but EagleBet betting partners has you covered here, with markets and odds available for the most intrepid fans of Russian volleyball.

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