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Russian Volleyball Super League

Russian Volleyball Super League betting guide

Russian Super League Betting Tips

The Russian Super League (RVSL) is the top male league of Russian Volleyball, and is made up of 14 teams. The season consists of each team playing each other twice, once home and once away in a double round-robin format.

EagleBet betting partners offer fantastic odds for each of these fixtures, including on final score, number of goals scored, and victorious team, which has the potential to make online betting on the Russian Super League thoroughly enjoyable.

How The Competition Works

Until the 2018/19 season, the top 8 sides went into a winners playoff, with the bottom six entering a relegation mini-league, in which they would once again play each other twice, after which the bottom two would be relegated to the Russian second division. Due to the similar quality of the sides, great odds can be found on these fixtures when it comes to online betting.

The 2019/20 season saw a slight change to these rules. The top eight play-off was expanded to a ten-team format, with the top two finishing sides receiving a bye through the first knock-out round. The bottom four, rather than six, sides now entered the loser’s league, where they would once again play each other twice before the bottom two sides were relegated to the Russian second tier. However, these slightly tweaked end-of-season competitions were postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The use of play-offs only increases the potential rewards that Russian Super League betting can offer, due to the one-off nature of the fixture, in which sides have the potential to upset the odds much more regularly.

Teams To Watch: Zenit Kazan

Zenit Kazan are the most successful side in the competition’s short history. Formed in 2000, it was previously known as Dinamo Tattransgaz Kazan before it changed its name to its current form in 2008. Its honours include ten Super League trophies, nine Russian Cups and seven Russian Supercups. The side have also experienced great success in European competition, winning the CEV Champions League, the top European Volleyball league, on no fewer than six occasions, leaving them at fantastic odds to compete for the title in any given year.

It has been particularly dominant in the last decade, winning 8 of 11 possible Russian Super Leagues, as well as four Champions Leagues in row between 2015 and 2018. The club also attracts some of the biggest names in Volleyball, such as Earvin N’Gapeth, the French international with titles in Italy and France as well as Russia.

Due to having such a high pedigree, short-odds will be offered for Kazan to win fixtures, whether they be in domestic or European competition, yet their consistent high-performance could be a valuable asset in online betting if used correctly.

Team To Watch: Kuzbass Kemerovo

The only side to challenge Zenit Kazan’s dominance in the last five years, Kuzbass Kemerovo are the reigning champions of the Russian Super League, beating Kazan 3-1 in the final of the play-offs in the 2018/19 season, to win the first Super League title in their history.

Upon the postponement of the 2019/20 campaign, they were again in great form, having won the same number of games as Zenit Kazan. Whilst they are relatively new to success, they are certainly a sensible option for Russian Super League betting.

Why Betting On the Russian Volleyball Super League?

First, EagleBet can provide some of the best bonus offers online for sports betting fans to take advantage of. Secondly, we have partnered up with the best betting sites that provide some of the most competitive betting odds and multiple sports betting markets in the world. So, if you are keen to bet on a volleyball league that can be quite competitive, the Russian Super League is our betting tip.

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