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The Best Darts Betting Strategy – Betting Guide 2021


The Best Darts Betting Strategy – Betting Guide 2021

Betting on darts has become hugely popular in recent years as punters now have the ability to watch the action unfold as more tournaments are being broadcasted to wider audiences on TV stations.

Indeed, the concept of the sport is not a particularly hard one to follow, with players aiming to rattle down the 501 scores in as few darts as possible, with the aim of beating their opponents; however, the betting scene can be a minefield when taking a look at it for the very first time.

This betting strategy guide from EagleBet will aim to help you understand what markets are available and what the best methods are to use, depending on the level that you are at in regards to betting on the tungsten-throwing sport.

Bets available to place on the darts

As with other sports, such as football, players have a number of different markets that they can bet on, with Correct Scores, Handicaps (which is explained a little later), whilst there are also a number of smaller markets as well.

For example, bettors can place wagers on the number of legs to be played in the game, the number of 180s recorded in the match, the number of 120+ checkouts recorded, whether there will be any nine-dart finishes, or even what the first dart is thrown will score. Bets available do not end there, either, as the winning colour of the double! Therefore, there are a plethora of bets that punters can place, with the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Like football, darts betting can also take place whilst a match is in progress, which has helped the appeal of placing wagers on the sport. As darts can change from one minute to the next, bettors will need to remain rather attentive to what is happening in the action, although there is the opportunity for players to make a quick win if they manage to predict what will happen correctly.

Markets to bet on as a beginner/advanced bettor

For beginners, the best strategy to win bets at the darts is to bet on an outright winner of a particular tournament. With certain competitions having a plethora of players all involved, it can be difficult to pick out a winner. However, bookmakers are in the same position, therefore they can offer some rather attractive odds on favourites (Top Players)to win the title, therefore jumping on early could be potentially lucrative.

For those that are a little more advanced in sports betting, or even in the darts sphere, handicap betting could be a great way to earn winnings. Although this particular method is perhaps extremely popular with sports like football, it can also be used within the arrows, as the strategy is very similar.

As mentioned earlier, handicap betting is another popular form of wagering in darts, although this method is perhaps better recommended for those who are more advanced, rather than just starting out on their dart betting journey.

This particular method is the ideal way to bet on the game’s favourite and increase the odds by betting the player through an imaginary difference composed by the bookmaker to increase the game odds.

Since bookmakers generate handicaps, this means that to get the best handicap with the highest odds, then you may have to check out different bets to find the best deal. The difference between bookmakers can be very large, so to do this successfully, you really need to make sure you shop as much as possible.

By handicap betting, you bet on players to win additional advantages or disadvantages. It depends on whether you choose to keep with the favourite or try the luck of the underdog.

So, for example, you decide to bet a favourite of -1.5 handicap next to his name. This means that for you to win the overall bet, your player must not only win but must also win by 2 clear legs/sets. If you think your player is much better than other players and will easily win the game, then betting on this handicap will bring you greater odds. If you bet on the weaker with a handicap of +1.5, then if he loses less than 2 sets, you will still win.
rows, as the strategy is very similar.

Darts are begging to get more popular over the years, find out why here.


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