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2021 Tokyo Olympics Athletics Betting Guide

2021 Tokyo Olympics Ahtletics Betting Guide

EagleBet’swill provide the best betting tips and predictions for this summer’s Tokyo 2021 Summer Games. Back Trayvon Bromwell, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Grant Holloway and you’ll win gold!

Tokyo 2021 Athletics Betting Tips

The track and field Athletics sporting event of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games is one of the biggest sporting disciplines to take place at any of the Olympic Games, as millions and millions of people will continually tune in to watch what happens on the track and in the field.

There are a total of 48 events across three different disciplines within Athletics, including Track & Field, Road Running and Racewalking, which means there are a number of top winning opportunities available to EagleBet’s betting guide readers this summer as they aim to find out the best athletics predictions possible.

How To Bet On The 2021 Olympic Athletics Track & Field Events?

In order to be able to enjoy the best 2021 Tokyo Olympics betting experiences possible, it is important to be able to find the best sportsbook available to provide that ultimate experience.

We at EagleBet have already made that as simple as possible, though, by providing you with the best betting offers and bonuses we can with some of the world’s leading sportsbooks, meaning our Athletic’s betting guide readers will already know that they can get the best odds and markets possible, whilst also being able to benefit in a way other punters are unable to!

Main Athletics 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games Betting Markets

As mentioned, there are 48 different events set to take place in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics Athletics event this summer, which means there are a number of different betting possibilities available to choose from when the discipline takes place between 30th July and 8th August.

Our EagleBet 2021 Tokyo Athletics betting guide will aim to provide the best tips and predictions, though, whilst also looking at some of the best potential outright markets and winners that can be tipped by our sports experts.


2021 Tokyo Athletics Outright Betting Markets

Naturally, the sport is perhaps one of the most popular in the Olympic Games having some of best markets available in any Olympics edition.

The Athletics outright markets, mean great winning opportunities as there are a number of world-class athletes who will make sports betting be as competitive as possible. Due to the nature of these bets, they can be rather rewarding and turn a nice profit the earlier they are placed.

Each sportsbook will provide a number of competitive betting odds for a host of 2021 Tokyo Athletics events, including those looking to bet on the outright markets regarding the winner of the gold medal in the Men’s & Women’s 100m sprint and field events such as the long jump, pole vault and many others!

Best Betting Strategy To Win 2021 Tokyo Olympics Athletics Bets

Due to the number of events that are scheduled to take place concerning the Athletics discipline at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, it would be wise to adopt at least one betting strategy that can help to make the overall experience as enjoyable as possible.

Bet On The Athletics Disciplines You Are Familiar With

One of the best betting strategies would be to stick to a couple of different Athletic events within the different disciplines and not go for all of them. With 48 events set to take place, wagering on each one could be a rather costly process, especially if bets are unsuccessful.

However, by sticking to a couple, any potential damage could be eliminated, whilst there is a greater chance of winning as more time can be dedicated to researching the event.

Another top strategy for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Athletics, according to our betting guide writers, is to look at what the athletes competing have recently done and whether they have had any recent injuries.

Most successful betting tips will have taken historical data such as form and injuries into account, so make sure these are looked at before placing a wager on an outright market!

Most Popular Bets For Athletics Gold In 2021 Tokyo Olympics

With far too many different Athletics events scheduled to take place at the 2021 Summer Games, our EagleBet experts have looked to provide the best betting tips and predictions that they can for some of the most popular sports events this summer.

Trayvon Bromell Is The Winner Outrights Favourite In The 100m Discipline

The first is going to be the 100m Men’s sprint race; an event that continues to attract millions of viewers from all around the world and is over in approximately 10 seconds. The favourite to win the race is Team USA’s Trayvon Bromell and he is our best betting tip and prediction, as well.

He had a disappointing 2016 Rio Games in which he was injured in the 100m race and saw his team disqualified from the Athletics event of 4x100m race and with Usain Bolt no longer competing, this year could finally be his!

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Is Favourite To Win The Gold Medal In 100m Women’s

The 100m Women’s sprint race is also one of the top athletics Track & Field events on the schedule. Our betting tip is to back Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce as the outright winner, as the Jamaican sprinter is running the fastest she has ever been able to do, whilst she is also in top form.

Eliud Kipchoge Is Our Best Betting Tip To Win The Men’s Marathon Race

Compatriot Elaine Thompson-Herah and Team GB’s Dina Asher-Smith should also be medalists in the Women’s 100m and 200m races, whilst another good Athletics prediction would be to back Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge to win the Men’s Marathon race, with Team USA’s Grant Holloway to win the Men’s 110m Hurdles outright.

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