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How to Bet on Football – Betting Guide

How to bet on football

Searching for how to bet on football ? Betting seems to be easy at first, but the variety of betting markets on offer goes much further than most new bettors realize. You have offers in markets for goals, corners, cards, player to score, both teams to score, 1v2, etc.
This football betting guide will explain and give you tips on how to bet on the main betting markets.

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How to Bet on the Betting Market – 1X2

Real Madrid vs PSG2.453.752.60

Known as Moneyline, the 1X2 market is the most popular type of bet in the world. Column 1 represents the home team [Real Madrid], Column X represents the draw, and Column 2 represents the away team [PSG]. Now just click on the odd that represents your bet, enter the value and cheer.

How to Bet on the Betting Market – Asian Handicap

song tottenham
1×2Asian Handicap
Sporting9.90+1.5    –  @1.99
Manchester City1.31-1.5    –   @1.93

Look at the table of the game Sporting v Manchester City, by the Champions League. To get started, you need to understand the “+” and “-” signs on the Handicap line. They represent the advantage or disadvantage that the bookmaker is offering the team, giving or taking away goals. To prevent the draw, the Handicap will bring the “half”, after all, there is no half goal.

In the second column we have the 1×2 market and the odds for Manchester City to win is 1.31, this odd is low because the team is very favorite, Sporting has odds of 9.90, but at the same time their win is very unlikely to happen.

Look at the third column and compare with the second, in this column we only have two possibilities, no draw and both pay very well.

As Sporting is an inferior team, the bookmaker gave the team an advantage of +1.5 goals and as Manchester City is much superior, they start the game with a disadvantage of -1.5 goals.

Betting +1.5 Sporting, the Portuguese team can draw or lose by up to a goal difference and your bet will be a winner, as he enters the field with a score of 1.5 x 0.

And betting on -1.5 Manchester City, the English team needs to win by at least two goals difference for you to hit.

There are still Asian Full and Mixed Handicaps. To learn more about Asian Handicap, you can access our asian handicap betting guide

How to Bet on the Betting Market – Goals: Over/Under

liverpool captain
 2.5 Goals      1.66  2.20

Know how to bet on goals with easily. The goals market is a good alternative for situations where you don’t have much confidence in both teams.

In this modality, the important thing is how many goals will be scored in the match, regardless of the winner.

In the table above, we have the 2.5 goal line and just like the Asian Handicap, the “half goal” is used so there is no tie. If you bet that the game will have Under 2.5 goals and the game ends 1×1, 1×0 or 0x0 your bet is a winner as there were less than 2.5 goals.

Now that you know the three main markets for betting on football, let’s move on to the secondary markets, where good betting opportunities can also be found.

How to Bet on the Betting Market – Both Teams Score

Both Teams Score1.801.95

Very simple as the name of the betting market. The question is: Do Both Teams Score? If you bet “Yes”, you will necessarily need both teams to score at least one goal in the match, regardless of the game time. If at 35 minutes the match is 2×1, 1×1, etc, your bet is settled as a winner.

The option of winning a bet depending on just one goal from each team seems very tempting, but you have to be careful. Games that have big underdogs are not considered good to bet on in this market, as you will depend on a goal from the underdog. You can find scenarios where the favorite team will win 5×0 and your bet will be a losing bet.

How to Bet on the Betting Market – Corners

alexander arnold

As the goals market, we have a few line options to bet on corners. In this modality, the important thing is how many corners will come out in the match, regardless of the team. It’s always important to filter the games well and avoid teams that don’t have a good track record for corners, if you bet on the “Over” 9.5 corners.

You must select teams with some important offensive characteristics to become a winner in the corner market. Are they:

1 – Teams that play with their forwards wingers.

2 – Teams that have the habit of crossing balls into the area, especially if it’s for a traditional number 9.

3 – Teams that have good averages of kicks from outside the area. So, we can expect a detour in the opposing player or the goalkeeper’s defense.

Remembering that “corner” is not one of the goals of the football game, it can be something unpredictable and random, but with these tips your chances of winning increase.

How to Bet on the Betting Market – Draw no Bet

Draw no Bet
Real Madrid1.80

Widely used in technically balanced games or by bettors who want a little more security. In the “Draw no Bet” market, we have the option to choose a lower odd for our team to win, but on the other hand, our bet is not lost if the game ends in a draw.

In this example we have PSG that has technically better players and has a good chance of winning, on the other hand Real Madrid cannot be despised either because of its history infinitely greater than that of PSG or because it is playing in their stadium.

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How To Win at Football Betting ?

After knowing better how football betting markets work, it is very important that you build pillars that will make you a winner in the long term.

For some betting can be fun, but for others it’s a profession. Regardless of your goal, no one makes a bet with the intention of losing money. So, follow some tips to be a winner.

1 – Bankroll management: The fundamental objective of bankroll management is to manage the risk of each bet according to the money available in your account. Management needs to be done according to each capital and varies from bettor to bettor. You can split your bankroll into 10, 20, 50, 100… it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to bet an amount that brings you a good return and that, in case of loss, does not mean a high percentage of your total money.

2 – Emotional Control: Beginner gamblers usually let their emotion drive their betting tip. Think carefully about each choice and always avoid betting on games involving your favorite team. Emotional control is essential in sports betting, only with it a bettor will be able to have good entertainment [if you are a recreational bettor] without causing problems, in addition to increasing the odds of winning in your day to day.

Working your mind is also key. It is natural to think of recovering a bet as soon as it is lost and this is one of the main mistakes of bettors, as it is in these moments that random entries, focused only on loss, tend to occur, in addition to investing values ​​above expectations. Remember: Betting should be treated as a long-term investment, where a bad day is just a bad day. It will dissolve in the middle of 30 days a month and 365 days a year.

3 – Strategy: Perhaps it is the “easiest” Pillar, but no less important and no less work. Setting up a strategy that makes you profit unfortunately takes time and will not fall from the sky. It is a process where you need to “specialize” in a certain market. NO ONE IS GOOD AT EVERYTHING.

So, choose one or two markets, one or two leagues, 5 or 6 teams and get to work! It will take time, you will make a lot of mistakes, but it is in the mistakes that you will learn. It’s the difficulties that will make you a profitable gambler. Write down everything and then analyze the spreadsheet and stop doing what took money from you. The trend is that over time you get to know more and more about the market, leagues, teams and players. At the beginning, try to focus on the process and not the result.

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