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Tokyo Olympic Games 2021 Betting Guide

Simone Biles performing for 2021 Olympics Gymnnastiscs trials

Gymnastics, Swimming and Track are the top sporting disciplines at the 2021 Olympic Games, with Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles some of the best athletes. Check out this betting guide to learn more!

2021 Tokyo Olympic Games Betting Guide

The Summer Olympics was always going to look rather different this year, however fans of the summer event will still be able to witness some excellent sporting events take place throughout Japan.

The 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games will provide a number of different betting opportunities when it takes place over the next month or so, which is why this EagleBet 2021 Olympic Games betting guide has been created and designed, as we know many of our readers will be looking for the best betting tips and predictions possible.

Top Olympic Sports To Bet On The 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games

With so many different disciplines taking place, our betting guide will focus on the top five that are available – with each of them featuring both Men’s and Women’s events, whilst also looking at the top five athletes set to compete at the Olympic Games this summer.

2021 Olympic Gymnastics Betting Tips

There is no doubt that when thinking about the Olympic Games in their entirety that the discipline of Gymnastics will be near the top of the list of the first sports thought of.

Indeed, there are numerous different events that are available within the overall sport, however each of them remain as competitive as the other, whilst they also have the ability to inspire many of the youngest viewers into trying a sport that they can potentially try to do as they get older.

Gymnastic routines can be incredibly awe-inspiring and rather imaginative, whilst also providing some truly incredible acrobatic feats, thus making it a sporting event that must be watched and generally is as millions continue to watch at each Olympic Games competed.

William Hill and Mr Green sportsbooks already provide some great odds on a number of gymnastic events, with trampolining, rhythmic and artistic team events already available.

2021 Tokyo Olympic Athletics Betting Tips

One of the biggest sporting disciplines that will take place over the 2021 Olympic Games this summer is the Track and Field events that take place. Like gymnastics, this is one of the most-watched events that take place at each Olympic Games ever held, with the Men’s 100m race one of the most anticipated every four years!

Of course, when individuals such as Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay, Yohan Blake and Asafa Powell having each competed in the past, it is hardly a surprise that so many around the world continue to watch this 10-second race and bet on it.

With a new breed of athletes continuing to come through, our best betting tip in this betting guide is to back Trayvon Bromell in the race.

Trayvon Bromell running Olympic Games trials
Trayvon Bromell

2021 Olympics Swimming Betting Tips

We could not create an Olympic Games 2021 betting guide without including Swimming. The sport is one of the best that is competed across the month that the summer games take place, as there are numerous different events that take place. Each of these will continue to provide some of the most competitive action, whilst each of the races will generally be incredible to watch.

With so many different races within a number of different distances set, there are a number of great betting opportunities available!

Caeleb Dressel in freestyle trial for the Olympic Games 2021
Caeleb Dressel

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Basketball Betting Tips

Another traditional olympic sport like the three mentioned above, Basketball has been on the Olympic Games calendar as a mainstream event since 1936 for the Men, whilst 1976 saw the Women’s version be introduced as a discipline.

Of course, the sport is one of the biggest professional sports played around the world, but the Olympic Games will provide viewers who have not seen it before the opportunity to see some competitive action.

The United States have been the most successful as they have won 15 of 18 tournaments so far, which is perhaps hardly surprising given how strong the NBA is. They will always remain a top favourite and one anyone who reads this betting guide should look back, as well!

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Football Betting Tips

One of the biggest and most popular sports around the world, football will continue to remain one of the top sporting disciplines available at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games this summer. If football fans did not already have enough football this summer with the 2021 European Championships and the 2021 Copa America, they can have even more before club football starts to return around Europe in August!

Top 5 Athletes To Watch Out For In Tokyo 2021

With so many different sporting disciplines set to take place at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan, there are a number of different athletes that are worth keeping an eye out on, especially readers who look to have a bet with the likes of William Hill and Mr Green sportsbooks.

Simone Biles (USA) is one to keep an eye on in gymnastics, whilst Naomi Osaka will represent the hosts (Japan) in Tennis, despite having withdrawn from the French Open and Wimbledon recently. Novak Djokovic (SRB) will look to add to his Wimbledon Men’s Singles title with a Gold Medal in Japan, as well.

In Swimming, Caeleb Dressel (USA) has been able to win 13 World Championship golds despite only being 24-years-old, so he is one to keep an eye on in the water, whilst Katie Ledecky (USA) is also one to watch.

As a 15-year-old, she won her first 800m free Gold at the London Games and retained it in Rio. She will go for her third in a row, whilst looking to add to the five gold medals she picked up in the last two Olympic Games.

EagleBet Olympics Betting Guides

During the whole 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, we will be publishing comprehensive Tokyo Olympics betting guides to help you understand the sports, which betting markets to bet on and how to profit with your bets for the Olympics.

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