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What Is The Best Strategy For Baccarat


Baccarat is one of the most popular cards games available from Evolution Gaming, in both online casinos and traditional casinos.

There are several reasons as to why Baccarat has grown in popularity among the casino players – and continues to do so – as it has been shown on the big screen in James Bond casino scenes, whilst it is also a card game that is rather easy to play. In Baccarat the chances of winning are relatively bigger compared to other traditional casino card table games.

How To Play Online Baccarat

Naturally, understanding Baccarat and the rules of this online casino game is essential to being able to adopt the best strategy in trying to win.

This casino cards game, Baccarat, uses between 3 and 6 decks of standard playing cards which are all shuffled in a machine. Baccarat table game, could not be any simpler to play online or offline, though, as all players need to do is to sit back and hope the cards decide their fate.

In Baccarat, to make a wager, casino players use the chips/tokens that they have and place a bet on either the Player Hand, the Bank Hand, or the possibility of a Tie.

The cards will then be dealt with by everyone involved in the online casino table game, receiving two cards each; both face up. The Baccarat game aim is to predict to which hand is closest to nine. There are a few rules that should be known:

  • Cards 2-9 all represent the numbers they show
  • Cards with the royal values (10, J, Q, K) are all worth 0, whilst an Ace counts as ‘1’.

Each of the two cards is added together to determine the value of the hand and then the person with the overall figure closer to 9 wins. In Baccarat online game, if two cards are revealed that total more than 9, then that number has 10 subtracted from it to provide it with an overall score i.e. 9+9 =18-10 =8.

Some online casino games like Baccarat can hold up to three cards, whilst rules can be different depending on the casino’s rules. One of the most common ones in casino games, though, is that the Baccarat Player must stand if they have a total of 6 or 7. In the Baccarat casino table game, an extra card can be drawn if a hand value is smaller than 5, whilst they have a choice if they sit on 5 after two cards.

The Banker will only receive a third card if they have a value smaller than 3 from their first two cards. However, they must stand if they have a count of 6 or higher. In the Baccarat casino game, if they have a hand of 3, though, they may either choose to stand or pick up the 3rd card.

What Bets Can Be Placed In Online Baccarat?

Betting on the outcome of the Baccarat’s winner can provide players with different values. For instance, bettors who bet on the Player’s Hand will be able to earn double their money, otherwise known as ‘Evens’. If the Banker’s Hand is won and bet on, then a payout of 95% of the bet is won as the other 5% is handed over to the online casino.

On Baccarat casino cards game, placing a bet on the Tie is the most rewarding, as it pays out at a ratio of 8:1, however it is one that is extremely difficult to achieve.

In fact, it is probably the one bet on Baccarat online game that should be avoided all the time. It can drain most of the Baccarat player’s money the quickest, as there is no advantage in placing it. The online casino advantage is 14.36%, thus providing players with a huge gamble.

In comparison, betting on the Banker’s hand is arguably one of the most favourable bets, as it provides the casino with just a 1.06% advantage, whereas the Player’s Hand has a 1.24%.

What’s The Best Strategy To Follow Whilst Playing Baccarat Online Casino Game?

Many cards playing enthusiasts and casino players will have come to realize a lot of the gambling comes down to pure math and Online Baccarat is no different. In fact, betting with the Banker is the best thing that online casino players can do in this particular casino game.

As mentioned, the casino edge is at its smallest when using this option, therefore providing Baccarat players with a greater chance of winning, whilst the return to the casino player (RTP) rate is at a huge 98.94%!

Betting on the Player’s Hand is slightly smaller at 98.76%, but betting on the tie could essentially just be giving money to the casino as the RTP in the Baccarat game stands at 85.64%.

Using a math model, betting on the Banker’s Hand is also the safest way to win Baccarat online casino game. If a casino were to use a format in which they use 8 standard 52-card decks, the math would then suggest that the following can occur:

  • Player Hand will lose 45.87% of the bet, win 44.63% and tie just 9.51%
  • Bank Hand will lose 44.65% of their bets, win 45.87% and tie 9.51%.
  • Disregarding the tie, the Bank Hand loses 49.32% of the hands, while it wins 50.68%. On the flip side, 50.68% of 

In Baccarat, although it is not always necessary to back the Banker’s Hand, it is worth seriously considering when playing this online casino game!

EagleBet Casino has three (of a large catalogue) of the very best Baccarat online games available for casino players to get stuck in the action and feel like you are in a James Bond Casino Scene, as they can play titles such as ‘No Commission Baccarat, ‘First Person Baccarat’ and ‘No Commission Speed Baccarat’.


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